Pre-Ordered at GameStop directly - VIP Program unusable for me then?

I pre-ordered the game visiting GameStop a few weeks ago because of their pre-order bonus (a psycho mask, if you love the Borderlands Games who could resist that tbh?). After all this time i just didnt figure out if and how i could use the VIP Program. As far as it looks for me i cannot use it at all until Release Date when i can hold the game in my hands. I am even unable to continue with the Step about the Survey

Is there something i missed or am i right i have to wait??

I’m not sure, but maybe once we get the game, and sign into shift using the game, our shift rewards and vip rewards can go to that game.

You should just be able to do the survey on the website. If it isn’t triggering for you, it may be a browser issue - if you’re using Chrome or Explorer, try using something else. As far as I know, the actual platform you pre-order through doesn’t matter, and shouldn’t affect the survey.

a lot of people don’t know this … but Marcus Kincaid’s ancestors started Gamestop.