Pre-ordered BL3 on PS4 (digital)


i just wondered where i can find/get my bonuscode for BL3 and the VIP, i have pre-ordered it for PS4 (digital version). If such a code exists, where can i find it?


My understanding is that the pre-order bonus should be applied automatically. Similarly, any rewards accumulated through the VIP site should be applied once you launch the game and sign in to SHIFT.

thank you very much, sounds logical. :slight_smile:

The only VIP bonus is for survey at activities section on VIP site. All bonusses from pre-order will be directly on PSN once the game will be available for download.

You know something about not digital version? I pre ordered it from 2k store but they didn’t send me an email of shipping even if they already got the money

Sorry, but I don’t have any insight into the 2K store. You could try asking the 2K Store support folks (rather than the regular 2K support desk). I would assume you’d get an email notifying you when the item actually ships, however I’ve never personally ordered anything directly from 2K so I am unable to confirm that.

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Thank you, for replying me