Pre-Ordering: Will there be any sort of a Limited Edition or Collector's Edition?

Given that I’m probably way too addicted to the Borderlands games, I’m anxiously awaiting Gearbox’s first Next Gen experience! I want to pre-order the game, but so far, all I see on Amazon.Com and other sites is just a standard, “plain vanilla” release of the game. :unamused:

So, I’m just gonna come out and ask the question I haven’t seen answered yet: Is there going to be any sort of a Limited Edition or Collector’s Edition of this game, with extra swag? And if so, when do pre-orders begin for it?!? :confused:

There are very few limited edition game releases that can top what Gearbox and 2K did with the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition of Borderlands 2, and the R/C Claptrap Edition of The Handsome Collection! The only thing that comes close, In My Opinion, is Bethesda’s now SOLD OUT Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition (which I was smart enough to pre-order on day one, so mine is already secured! :wink: )

But given how awesome the Borderlands Collector’s Editions have been, I know that if Gearbox & 2K make a LE/CE for this game, it’ll be something really special! :sunglasses:

So come on, guys! Give us some news that’ll make us REALLY excited for your first Next Gen game! :smiley:


Too early to reveal. They haven’t even nailed down a date yet. Though I actually wouldn’t be shocked if there isn’t since this is a new IP and for some reason gamers get angry about Collector’s Editions (don’t ask me why) and since they just need to get this game is any many hands as possible. Maybe for Battleborn 2.

As @blackheartjohnnyviny mentioned, we haven’t announced anything regarding a LE/CE yet. But you can be sure that if/when that time comes, we’ll make a lot of noise about it!


Re: Collector’s Editions for brand-new IPs, the game Titanfall, which was a launch title for the Xbox One, is a brand-new IP and had one of the coolest Collector’s Editions I’ve seen:

That statue’s pretty sweet! It’s no radio-controlled Clap-Trap, but then again, few companies have as many awesome ideas as Gearbox and 2K Games do! :acmaffirmative:

So, a CE for a new IP is not unheard of. Regardless of your thoughts on the game itself, if you’re any kind of a fan of battle mechs and powered armor, you can’t deny the inherent coolness of that statue. :blhappy:

I preordered back on January 20th. I might of preordered even after seeing battleborn at e3 2014, but canceled to preorder something else.

Just on the fact it was gearbox game and looked like fun.
If they announce a version with cool content I’ll change to that version.

Might get some hate for this, but the thing I would want most in a pre-order for a MOBA-ish game is special skins as a thank you for those that support the new IP.

might be for people like me, who normally arrive late to the party and then end up loving a game. I would have been pretty butthurt if there was a set of BL2 skins or something like that that I wasn’t able to unlock because of when I purchased the game. That being said, a “forever legendary” version of that game that included all future content would be pretty cool.

Any new info on a CE/LE? I want to preorder but I’d much rather pick up a CE/LE version.

I went ahead and pre-ordered. Will there be an upgrade feature if you do release a Collector’s Edition? I’d rather not buy another copy. I mean unless it gets me into the beta.

So, if you pre-order from GameStop in the US, or EB Games in Canada, you’ll get 1 of 5 blind-boxed figures and special “Gold Skins” for 5 of the characters. Not really a Collector’s Edition, just pre-order bonuses, but better than nothing.

More Details: Exclusive Pre-order bonus - A Badass miniature!