Pre-Pax Speculation

PAX is coming up and there is a “Inside Gearbox Panel”, the description mentions Battleborn. So anyone want to guess what they will announce or show of ?

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  • New Heroes
  • New Trailer
  • New Gameplay Footage
  • Battleborn Beta Details
  • Collector’s Edition

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I go for new Heroes. I believe that there are still a few unanounced (though, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

Seeing as Gamescom was only a couple weeks ago, and it is still 6 months until launch, I think new info will be a bit thin. They will probably use the same Badass trailer. I can see getting some new gameply footage, maybe a new hero, but they want to keep feeding us little tidbits of info until launch to keep us interested.

I am thinking that Beta details will be coming :smiley: (A man can dream.) I spoke to a lot of the Gearbox devs at Gamescom, and one of my topics was about the Beta and all. For me, it’s an important topic because in a game like this, balance requires time and raw data to reach. Luckily, it seems I wasn’t the only one who agreed at this and GBX seem to understand the importance for a beta with Battleborn. Of course, no solid dates were mentioned but with the release date set for the start of 2016 the amount of time for a beta can the time it will come can be pretty well guessed. With that in mind, predicting when Beta details will come is also a lot easier, and PAX makes sense :smile:

As someone mentioned, there may be a new character release. This depends on whether the character is ready for announcement or not, which is something that is completely unpredictable. It may be ready to announce, it may not, there are too many factors to speculate. (It would be sick though.)

I am hoping there will be extended gameplay footage, perhaps a full version of the Co-op demo mission that was shown and featured at Gamescom. I am dreaming of some PvP gameplay footage, as are many others. However, I don’t think we will be getting it. Too many people mistook what Battleborn was when the PvP trailers started appearing, because without good explanation and focus on what Battleborn has besides the PvP, people just dismiss the game as ‘A game trying to compete with Overwatch’ or ‘Just another MOBA’. It’s sad, but it’s true.

New Gameplay, probably.
New Trailer, why not.
Beta details, maybe.

I’m not sure they’ll announce a new hero. They’ll probably reveal Ghalt, though (More than the few images we saw)
And Collector would be too soon (Or so i think)

I’ll take whatever comes our way :blush: !

I’d love this. Ghalt is my second most anticipated character.

I could be wrong, but I expect Ghalt and ISIC to be revealed this week end.

I dont think they’ll reveal new characters, theres still ages to launch and character reveals are the biggest hype generators. I think they’ll save that for later.

Personally I think they’ll show off cometitive multiplayer, since we’ve seen a LOT of campaign footage over the past couple months, but no real multiplayer footage. Showing off come competitive gamemodes and maps in a new gameplay video is my guess.

ANd I assume they will talk about the beta as well, when it is and who qualifys to get in.

@0takuMetalhead I go for new Heroes. I believe that there are still a few unanounced (though, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

I´d love that too, mostly anticipated on my side is more footage from ISIC or Ghalt, maybe Benedicts skills.
16 chas are known from 25 total, so I hope they release the last 9 in small bits, so we have something to cheer every month or two^^
Maybe some more footage from PvP-multiplayer? I´m quiet eager to see how they balanced that.

My thoughts exactly, I’m hoping to see some environments

I’d assume they’d finally show the multiplayer to gain more interest in the game.

I think they will talk about the upcoming Beta.
As they Beta will be Multiplayer (they will need to get their balancing data) they will need to talk about PvP.

Gamescom just ended, so I can’t imagine a new Trailer already. Same for heroes. There are still 5 months to cover.
So I go with Gameplay footage and eventualy a collector’s edition. At least that’s what I would do with connections to the Borderlands community.
Also,I think they will announce Beta-details at the last day.

This would be ideal I think to gett the hype going. We do know how (some of) the last 9 characters look but no skills and such yet.

Well, rumors state that there’s a possible beta, which would be the moment where balancing and such will be done.
Atleast, I hope the beta is true, it gives a good preview on what to expect.

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I am hoping for the beta and the full helix trees of the last 4 characters they showed as well as them being playable.

Randy Pitchfork (Gearbox CEO) said there would be a Beta, that is intended to become “more and more open”.
So I’d not just call it “rumors” ^^

I stand corrected then.
Though after ACM, I wouldn’t trust it on his words alone, frankly.

Not sure if clever play on words or unintentional…

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Woops ^^
I always skimmed the first 90% of the name and then left the rest for my brain to auto-complete :sweat_smile:
I will try a mockup based on that, similar to the one I did with Jythri :stuck_out_tongue: