Pre-Pendles reminder

As a new hero he is likely to be either very overpowered or under powered, this should not be a surprise to anyone. Hopefully he’s underpowered and they can build on what people like about him instead of having another Alani incident. Just something to keep in mind when playing as and against him, changes are too be EXPECTED.

Might be worth a read.

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He will almost certainly be over powered to push the hype. New character that can win easily gets people excited. Excited players play more, and sometimes being friends. For a week anyway, until they’ve had enough playing against said new character. I think it’s become a pretty standard practice now for any moba/hero game that releases new characters

Yeah to bad they never got Alani right…

I can just hope such a devastating rework does come to pendles.

It’s actually required for that character to be a success though. Initially people don’t know/understand the character so it needs to be a bit stronger for them to feel like he performs decently. Of course, a couple will figure said character out faster than others, but such is life.

Additionally, bad characters are forgotten quickly, even after significant buffs. This is a problem that becomes bigger the larger the roster is, but it always applies. Hell, even when buffed to beta Ambra/Gali people won’t play them.

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