Pre-PVP Scenario

So there is the prologue mission that gives you an introduction into skills, player upgrades and helix-how to… there is nothing like this for the pvp maps. could we get something for the new guys coming into the game that explains how the pvp matches work, what the priorities are, really just a general overview informing them that ITS NOT A DEATH MATCH MAP.

so you go through and go over some of the basics of each map type, ‘this is incurision its a land battle where you push the ‘front’ to the enemy sentry’ your priorities are ‘clearing minion wave, preventing the clear of yours either by support or destroying the enemy team’ … ‘this is meltdown your goal is to dunk mobs into the minrac-hole by clearing the enemies from your path or supporting yours into the endzone’ and of course capture… ‘this is capture mode, it is zone control, where kills DO NOT GIVE you points. controlling an area with kills could, but only if you took the node first.’

yes some of my points sound kind of angry buuuuut maybe this will fix this source of frustration for me and many other players.

the thing i say to my team the most in this game is “kill the minions!” but with way more colorful words.

There is an intro/tutorial literally at the start of every single pvp match.

yeah so whats it say? cus i never listen. guarantee 90% of the others dont either. i wanna see the person have to interact to complete it, and complete it before live matches. 2 minutes out of your life to prove you’re not a robot, for the sake of your fellow players fun as well as to ensure your enjoyment of a game by way of understanding it.

That’s the problem most people don’t listen to tutorials bc they assume every first person game is the same

Its basically a quiet wellmade tutorial with Nova explaining you what to do.

Listening or paying attention to any form or kind of tutorial is a players task & job, delivering those tutos/tooltips is the job of the game makers. There are tutorials for all modes provided, so its up to us to listen to/follow these.
Yes in PvE is a bigger tutorial mission, but I came across many many players who did´nt payed attention to it, obvious to see by their gameplay.
No tutorial no matter how its made can force people to listen or follow, thats sad but not the fault of the tutorial creators.

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You cant be bothered to listen to a very short and well made informative cartoon at the start of a match when theres nothing to do for 20 or so seconds and yet want to have every player forced to do an activity to be force-fed information and disslalow them half the game until then? If it takes only 2 mins out of your life to do the tutorial you suggest, why not take less time to get all the same points across with the intro video before every match, in a shorter time? Its efficient, as is. Players will still continue to play in dumb ways because they dont care, not because they dont know.
If people arent utilizing the information already handed to them on a silver platter, what makes you think anything any more invasive is going to work?

I actually agree with you that there should be a formal tutorial or video actually IN game which runs the player through minions and grinders and whatnot. But frankly that ship has long sailed, and at this point, a tutorial for ‘new’ players (who actually is coming new to this game anymore?) should be the least of gbx’s concerns, ESPECIALLY considering there already is one (however inadequate).