Pre-sequeal or Borderlands 2 Power leveling

I just recently picked up the Handsome Collection with both games and all the DLC, Looking for some people out there on PSN to help me powerlevel. I was OP 8 on Borderlands 2 on the xbox 360… Now playing on PS4 I don’t really want to start from scratch on borderlands 2. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it, PSN is AmazingOcelot…I’m in USA EST thanks!

I am in the same situation as you! Seems there arent many on here willing to help. That is the biggest difference I see between xbox community and playstation community; seems xbox had a lot friendlier companions. If you would like, I am about level 20 or so and I would be willing to run through the game with you to get one character leveled to start the power level bonanza. lemme know.
-psn- wunball

Hey thanks for the reply on here. I just noticed this. My pen is amazingocelot add me if you want to play I’m level 28 almost 29 now.

Anyone willing to power level I’m level 54 and my gamer tag is king_chao172 please help

ill Power lvl 1-72 msg me n psn i play on ps4 PSN unknow1234567890

Hey level 57 siren on borderlands 2 would like to be 72 PSN:NoidVoid7782 message me if you can or would like to help, much appreciated!