Pre Sequel always freezes in Tycho's Ribs

Never had the game freeze once since it launched back on 360, but now after the most recent patch, I can’t progress through the game anymore, because every time I go to Tycho’s Ribs the game freezes after a few minutes (Maybe 5-15) of gameplay- it even freezes while paused. Walked away from the controller for a few minutes, came back and couldn’t unpause or move the cursor.

This is every single time, and I can’t finish the game because of it.

Video of it happening-

yep, same here

Yep, it’s has happened to me twice now, within 1/2 an hour of restarting . . . Grrrrrr, frustrated :angry:

I’m getting a lot of freezes lately, but not limited to one area I think. I’ve had the game freeze three times in the Claptastic Voyage DLC, twice while fighting the final boss.

Same here. I have never beat Borderlands the Pre-Sequel because of this. Still… haven’the beaten it. It doesn’t even have to be during an action sequence, the game just randomly freezes

This problem is caused by using Lasers, don’t use them and the problem will go away :smile:. Gearbox are well aware of this issue and a patch is due sometime before the end of this month that will (fingers crossed) nuke it once and for all. See here for more info: Freezing on PS4 [Last GBX Response #523] the latest responses from Gearbox are in posts 520 and 523.

You… are amazing. Thank you :slight_smile: