Pre-Sequel: Boomer Not Respawning

I’ve got the latest patch, and other bosses that didn’t formerly repsawn (Drongo Bones, Even-More-Disgusting-Tork, so on) do. For whatever reason, though, not Boomer. I beat Nothing is Never an Option, turned it in, saved and quit, and when I returned fought through three waves of enemies, including two Dahl ships, but still no Boomer. Tried saving and quitting, leaving and re-entering the map, but nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?

Same problem here. Playing on a pc. Tried farming Boomer with 2 characters (normal & tvm) but Boomer is not spawning…

Same here on PS3. Put in a support ticket and was basically told the only thing I can do is try playing it online with someone who hasn’t completed the mission to try to fix it. Since I won’t be doing that I guess I’m SOL until it (hopefully) gets patched.