Pre-Sequel Constantly Crashing On Auto Saves [Xbox One]

Anyone else having this problem? Everytime I walk by or near an Auto-Save location my game locks up tight. The sound still rolls and I can use the controller to power down the console but the screen freezes solid and I have to reboot to unfreeze.

This happened to me yesterday. My claptrap was just reloading and game froze! You could still hear his wheels spinning tho lol. Plus i wasnt even in a combat situation, was just at concordia. Makes me nervous about actually playing the game. As others have mentioned the screen tears and framerate drop are pretty bad. Hope they are working on something to get it fixed.

This is happening to all my character saves from 360 and has rendered the game unplayable. Never in my life (and I’m 50 years old) have I played a game that went to market with more freakin’ bugs and issues than the Handsome Jack Collection. It’s like a really nice looking Beta.