Pre-sequel heads

Hey guys. Been farming extensively for the past 6 days for Wilhelm’s Void Rocker head. Back when I played on the 360 I got it from Zarpedon. This time round on PS4 she dropped me Jack’s Handsome head.

Knowing that Zarp’s loot pool was added to the Sentinel since I last played, I just thought I’d farm for it that way. I e had terrible luck. Managed to get a few of the legendaries for the other characters, and the Lunar Knight head for Wilhelm a few times but never the Void Rocker.

Is there another boss that drops it outside of Zarpedon the Unfarmable? Sentinel is becoming more than tedious at this point. Thanks for any info. :slight_smile:

I have a bunch of random heads from the presequel. I will check for it. Send me a message on psn. I should be online most of the day tomorrow. Psn name is same.

You don’t happen to have grille of the trickster for Wilhelm do you?

Wow. That would be more than awesome. I gave it another 3 hours of farming after this post and only managed to get Lunar Knight to drop again, twice.
I appreciate you taking the time to check your stash :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ll add you shortly.

I don’t actually. To be honest, I never played the dlc last gen.
I got this collection for the ps4 on the day it came out but I’ve only just started playing Pre-sequel. The trickster head looks pretty cool though. Is it a guaranteed drop from the dlc or do you have to farm it. I’ve see. The head before but again, not touched Claptastic Voyage.