Pre sequel help with uvhm Xbox one

I have a lv 52 fragtrap and I need help with uvhm

my Clappy is in UVHM sitting at level 60. I would be ok with helping you out if you’re ok with the slight level difference?

GT: Kurtdawg13
currently having mic issues. FYI

That’s fine and I’m in the same boat can’t find the stupid adapter for my controller but are you on now?

no. I’m at work. I’ll be on later today. Where are you geographically? you in the US? UK?

I’m in the United States

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cool. worse case scenario is your 3 hour difference if you’re east coast. I’m in California. so I’m West coast, Pacific Standard Time. it’s 12:32pm where i’m at.

So that was fun up until we had a Badass Kraggon spawn and in my attempt to kill it and hopefully get a cool Nade drop(can’t remember the name atm) and the game did the freeze frame bogged down noise it shoots out before ulitmately crashing and putting me at my home screen. pissed me off. I was putting in work on that Kraggon.

And Deadlift took Fricken 20 min to kill. LOL that was a long fight. Glad we pushed through tho. hopefully I can join you again an push a bit further. We were just about to make it to Sanctuary.

Edit: Damn it. BL2 syndrome kicking in. I meant Concordia. facepalm. lol