Pre-Sequel Legendary/Glitched Weapons Level 60+

Hi all. I am in need of legendary/glitched weapons at level 60 or higher for BPS. Anyone willing to help? I have super rare mods I can trade for. My GT is “Ample Bosom” and I’ll be on all day. Thanks in advance!

Anyone? I’ll give you a mouth hug! lol

If anyone is willing to help or even reply, I would appreciate it. I’ll be on all weekend under “Ample Bosom” Hit me up if interested in giving or trading.


Should all else fail, mate, perhaps set up a farming party.

Also, some times it helps listing one or two items you specifically need.

Also try a title beginning with “need”, as some of the forum vets may confuse it for you giving it away, and avoid the thread.

Hope all goes well!

Thanks bud.