Pre sequel leveling

Hey guys, I know this is “ruining the game” but I like to have 2 sets of borderlands characters (one that is legit then another that is max level just for fun) can anyone help me get a few if not all my pre sequel characters to max level? In borderlands 2 you could kill handsome jack an for get insta lvl 72 so can anyone help in the pre sequel? Message my Xbox account FURIOUSFIRE113 thanks in advance

Just for clarification: are you saying you have 2 sets of low levels chars and you want one set powerleveled? Which is fine.
Because we don’t discuss cheating here, using programs, etc.

None of it’s cheating I just like having one set where I play on my own and enjoy it then another set where they are power levelled by someone else that I use to see what the abilities are like when maxed

Just for further clarification this was done by modifying the game using third party software and is not possible legitimately.

Well no, powerleveling isn’t using software. If you take someone at level 1 and run them through havk and the warrior a few times they level up insanely fast. Just like in Diablo 3, i can PL someone to 70 in an hour. Which is great when you do seasons.