Pre-sequel Moonrocks disappearing consistently!? Help

Hey all, first time playing the Pre-sequel (in years) and it’s way more fun than I could have imagined/remembered, HOWEVER, all my moonrocks saved randomly disappear, but do so every single time I play. I’ve lost 120 or so and thats a lot of upgrading I am not doing

Is this a known issue? Or am I missing something? This is on an Xbox one X

Thank you very much


Is anything else going missing at all? (Likely candidates would be heads, skins, stuff in the stash…)

There are a couple of ways to accidentally use lots of moonstones. One would be accidentally selecting Luneshine grind at the grinder - the higher the level of items being ground, the more moonstones that get consumed when you do that. The other is the grey Dahl large chests that look identical to the large red ones - they cost moonstone to open (like the Tiny Tina Dice Chests in BL2)

It it’s only the moonstones missing (and you’re not seeing other stuff gone of having your progress reset) then my guess would be you’ve tripped up on the latter stuff. If you are missing more than just moonstones, it sounds like your save files are either getting corrupted or over-written.

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thanks for the response. It seems to be just the moonstones. I was noticing that when I am in dying mode and do not kill another enemy in time and respawn, it seems that just the moonstones are gone. Have not noticed anything else

Thanks for the heads up on the Grinder - which I have not done much of (still like to find loot the old fashioned way) HOWEVER I did not know about the Grey Dahl chests - that could have done it, as I do open ever chest i find

Thanks, yes it may be the Grey chests - will keep an eye out!

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