Pre-Sequel SHiFT Items Vanished

I started TPS for the first time in a few months today, and redeemed a bunch of unclaimed skins and guns from the SHiFT vending machine. I also submitted a SHiFT code for a gun (The Machine) and received that from the box as well. This was all a little over an hour ago. After checking out the guns and bouncing between a few areas, I realized I hadn’t installed the 4k UHD texture pack for the game yet. I saved in Concordia, quit the game, and downloaded the pack. When the pack was installed, I started the game again and continued where I had left off. Only this time, all of the guns and skins (including The Machine, which I just redeemed barely an hour prior) and moved to my inventory were gone. Not only that, but I had no items in the SHiFT vending machine to claim. The game knows that I claimed them and picked them up (I even equipped two of them), but they’re just gone now.

Essentially, I’m wondering if there’s anything I (or someone else) can do to get those things back.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You will need to file a support ticket. Hopefully, the support staff will be able to both log this as a bug report and help you out with the missing items.

Awesome. Thank you for the quick response!