Pre Sequel still queued

Just purchased the Handsome Collection for my Xbox One and the sequel is still listed as in queued. I can highlight it but nothing happened. Did it install when the game did?

Any information will be appreciated

Looking into this for you, @fredl12!

Same here, bought the discs and have been trying to install, but they frequently say “Queued”, with no progress bar indicating anything is happening. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, and eventually got BL2 installed, but nothing for the Pre-Sequel, which is what I’m hoping to play. I’m sure it will work eventually, but a fix would be great too.

It still showing as queued but lists 0mb
How do you tell if it actually installed? Locatuons, characters finish bl2 and see if it shows up?

hover over it press the three lines button or the back button on your controller click start download

sorry start button not back button

saw your response and thanks. Should there be 2 options when you start the game. One for Borderlans2 and another for Pre Sequel?? I only got none!1 Game automatically starts with a train explosion and Trap clap finding me in the snow.