Pre-Sequel: stuck in container

I’m playing True Vault Hunter Mode and right after landing on Elpis (Pre Sequel that is), container doesn’t open. There’s Serenity’s Waste loading screen, my character (no matter if it’s 37lvl Athena or 26lvl Claptrap) spawns inside container (like it should), but nothing else happens. No Janey, no nothing. No way to proceed from there.

The only solution is to find someone online who hasn’t started this mission yet on Playthrough 2, then return to your own game once this has been turned in :slightly_smiling:.

I have a character at the start of tvhm. If you want to try to get through it with me, send message on psn. Name is same. Should be around almost all day today.

Thanks, but I live in Europe and my connection is very weak lately.

However today I tried again and it all worked well. I haven’t changed anything to game’s settings or my character. Script just worked like it should’ve.