Pre sequel tips

Hello all!
I’m new to the forums I played all b1 and 2 with all the dlc as the sirens in both of those games. I got my Xbox one right when it came out so I waited because I figured that it would be re released on the one which thankfully that is coming true this week. Can anyone give me a suggestion of a fun character to play as in the pre sequel to start with? I tried zero in bl2 and almost quit the game totally without finishing because I couldn’t get the hang of him with out switching to the siren class idk where I’d be in the game. Any tips on character would be great. Many thanks in Advance!

Aurelia feels most like the Siren to me with her action skill and game play, and although she doesn’t have the healing that Maya has, she does have a dedicated support tree. Athena is my favorite for her tanking ability and versatility in both gun play and melee. She’s also a great support character.

You’ll notice that the characters in TPS are both better balanced and have more interesting synergies across their skill trees than characters in previous Borderlands games.

I started with Athena so I’d endorse what @BookEmDano said.

Wilhelm or Nisha would also be a good choice to start with.

I’d leave off Aurelia initially as although she’s powerful, learning to get the most out of her cryo damage in order to stay alive isn’t easy without first knowing the basics.

No idea whether to recommend Claptrap or not… He’s powerful, but annoying as hell!!!

IF you didn’t like zero, you probably wouldn’t like Athena. I suggest the doppleganger.

I dunno, I wasn’t a fan of Zero at all, but playing with any of Athena’s skill trees is fun, even though they’re all fairly different. I usually spec into the top couple of layers in the middle tree for the extra damage and then work my way down one of both of the other trees.

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The only comparison between Zero and Athena is that they have a melee tree. That’s it. When it comes to actual gameplay and factoring in the other skill trees they are the exact opposite. She’s more a combination of Krieg and Salvador than Zero.


Wilhelm wilhelm

wilhelm and aurelia are sort of underwhelming.
claptrap and Timothy (jack) are nicely balanced. (mostly because claptrap can screw himself up)
Nisha is pretty darn OP
Athena makes salvador look like some random pup skag.

personally, i suggest jack/timothy for your first playthrough. get lots of hyperion gear.

There are some similarities but Sal is still the ultimate tank.

Thanks for the tips everyone I have a lot to think about lol. So just wondering Athena can dish out damage? I was told she was just a meat shield that couldn’t do a lot of damage? It would be nice if my first character could do some raid bosses as well lol

lol whoever told you that has no clue how to play Athena. She is an absolute tank any way you play her.

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So do you think she has an easier learning curve than nisha?

Nisha arguably has the easier learning curve. You have to balance a lot of different skills to really maximize Athena’s power.

If you doubt Athena’s DPS, just remember these words: Infinite Ammo Rapid Fire Nukem. Then invest in Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage, and make that dream a reality.

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Well, it’s kind of hard to tell another person how to have fun.

Nisha will be the easiest character to play as.
Wilhelm is great if you want to be a tank, or if you enjoyed Axton’s turret.
Claptrap is good if you like being unorthodox, the team medic, or EXPLOOOOOSIONS!
Athena is good if you want to be focused on melee or elemental weapons.
Timothy (the Doppleganger) is just good all around (and is also a pet class).

Given your initial post, Aurelia may not be suited for you, though her action skill is considerably different than Zero’s and she does not HAVE to be a sniper.

I also wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to snipe on a first play through whilst you’re learning the mechanics of using an Oz kit. You can very easily end up getting distracted and running our of oxygen (I know there are Oz pickups pretty much everywhere, but I’ve had a few near death experiences!).

Thanks everyone! I think I’m gonna use nisha on my play through with my old college buddies and Athena in my free time when I’m by myself