Pre-Sequel Trades

Just hit level 70 and I’m looking to trade for some new equipment if anyone has anything they’re willing to trade. I’ve only got a few things available at the moment:

Celestial Enforcer Mod
Nukem launcher
Maggie pistol
Ack Ack oz kit
Viral Marketer
Skullmasher(Lunshine: Restores 1 02 while damaging enemies)
Prismatic Bulwark

All of the items I have are level 70 and that’s what I’d like in return for them. Shoot me a message on Xbox if you’ve got stuff for trade. GT = spencrU. I’m mainly looking for a 0.0 fuse time Longbow Quasar/StormFront grenade but I need shock, fire, and corrosive purple Hyperion/Mailwan beam lasers as well.

I can help