Pre-Sequel: Will Trade Rare Mods For Legendaries

I’m looking for legendaries level 60 and higher under gamertag “Ample Bosom” I have the following rare mods (which boosts up 6 skills plus additional bonuses) for trade:

Level 60 Celestial Gladiator
Fire Rate + 25%
Max Health + 7365
+7 Gathering Tempest
+5 Hold The Line
+6 Gun Kata
+5 Vanguard
+5 Conduit
+5 Clarity
Shield begins to charge immediately after you activate.

Level 60 Lawbringer Gladiator
Cooldown Rate +44%
+5 Bona Fide
+6 Ruthless
+7 Law
+5 Bottled Courage
+5 Wanted
+5 Quick Shot
13.5% of Showdown damage converted to health.

Level 60 Enforcer Gladiator
Shield Capacity +7490
Gun Damage +32%
+7 Man And Machine
+6 Energize
+5 Fire Support
+5 Afterburner
+5 Targeting Scope
+5 Auxiliary Tanks
Increases movement speed by 10% while Wolf and Saint are active.

I have a similar mod for Jack and Claptrap although the one for Claptrap is a level 50 while the others are level 60.

You may not be aware, so I’ll just assume that to keep things kosher. The mods(modifiers) you’ve listed with +7 are not legit. I am pretty sure the mods(moderators) in here are going to lock this thread. FYI.

The celestial coms only boost +5 max. anything over that is not legit.

Those Class Mods are not legitimately gained. Please refrain from attempting to trade or attain modified items.