Pre sequel won't start on XBOX One (error code 0x803f8001)

I downloaded free version and when I try to play it says I need to insert game disc (I don’t have as this was free download) or make sure I am signed in (which I am, I even signed off and back on but to no avail)

Says if I do not have the rights to play, I’ll need to get it at the Xbox Store. When I go there, just gives me the option to Play (because it’s supposedly already installed) but I can’t play it…

Error code 0x803f8001

The free version was, if I remember correctly, a single weekend thing in order to promote sales. (This is from a while back, correct? There was quite a bit of confusion at the time because the wording on the promotion wasn’t very clear.)

You may need to delete if from your XB1, then either purchase it when it’s on sale or wait for another promotion weekend (but who knows when that will be?)

That would probably explain it. Thanks