Preamble Of Pain Vs Encore?

So For a while i hated Encore and instant Grad (the mutation for that rank that no one would even use ever *3*)
And pretty much only used Preamble of pain.

But in my first ever game of Meltdown (I’ve only played story and Incursion till this point) I accidentally chose Encore and it was surprisingly useful.

So I gotta ask, whats everyone elses opinion?
I still feel like Preamble of Pain is better, but I’m interested if any Orendi players get a lot of use from Encore?

I use Encore almost all the time. It’s incredible for wave clear and larger skirmishes. Preamble of Pain is awesome, though, I just like the half again bonus damage more since I’ve noticed PoP makes Shadowfire Pillars even more noticeable, and people tend to get out of the way more quickly.

I always use Encore. I’ve just gotten really good at timing the pillars and really enjoy what feels like a constant spread of AoE damage.

I always go with encore its insanely good for pushing and damage dealing

I use Encore 100% of the mission/matches since the Pillars are pretty slow, so the possibility to miss is rather high… Preamble of Pain is a great skill too, makes this choice so mean >.<

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I use Preamble due to it synergizing with Pillarstorm. Having Pillarstorm trigger on their entire team with Preamble is the most satisfying Penta ever.

I also prefer Preamble for minion clearing. If I miss for any reason, I still get the tic damage.

I always use Preamble of Pain because it is guaranteed damage. Experienced players can dodge Orendis pillars with relative ease, even if you have 2 up your sleeve. The DoT is extremely useful for killing minions and enemy battleborn who are trying to run on their last 10% of health. I also prefer not to deal with making sure i got my second pillar off which could shift my focus and cause me to die. I think the AoE also gets put on each pillar spawned by the Paradigm Shift Pillarstorm helix buff, which could cause for some pretty sweet pentas.

This. Always preamable of pain. Better synergy, counters that “skill immunity” legendary too.

I use preamble. I love facing enemies who use encore, they might land 1/5 pillars on me. Preamble’s damage at four is also higher than the encore’s total damage.
Plus, good for wave clear, pillar storm, and Voxis legendary :slight_smile:

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