🧀Predict/Guess what the 4th skilltrees and abilities are gonna be like. With extreme Sarcasm🥔

So make your predictions and itll be even more hilarious if we look back and say… Oh Gawsh! It was True! I was only joking!


Id say… Amar@'s new skilll will be…

As if this Woman wasnt already the strongest in the game now she gets Frieza’s super nova deathball from dragon ball z.

Also.it csuses xboxes to implode.

And then …

Flakk gets a loader pet

Tree that gives him the ability to slide and go airborne throughout the whole tree…his ultimate capstone will be. Melee ur pets to heal them and maybe upgrade them to…badass versions

Its final form!


A lootbox enemies want to beat on for loot.

Moze finally gets a one button press action akilll she doesnt have to repress. It summons iron bear its guns blazing and it goes away.


Basically iron bear appears and does some kinda barrage of crap misc all around and thats it. Cementing ase moze skill tree is all about airborne and sliding and deep in the tree you finally gain enough splash damage resistance that you wont kill yourself… Probably.

And some more ironbear stuff flies out.


Zane gets a grog nozzle to heal allies and basically becomes this guy.

A bunch of kill skills basically making him seeing dead dependant until borderlands 4. They release a class mod for this tree but no one uses it but the roleplaying crowd(nothing wrong with roleplaying).
It includes airborne skills and sliding past ppl and shooting them to heal them.

Now you!


Every fourth skill tree will be focused on Support.



If it comes true… We can all blame you! Any predictions on the action skills?

Fl4k will received a dedicated 4th tree talent that buff the talent of his current pet tree

Amara, as the only character the dev play it seem, don’t even need a 4th tree, just more talent point to pick from her already OP pool of talent

Moze will receive another tree that don’t synch well with either her demolition or bottomless mag tree and which provide only one source of damage bonus, usually at the bottom of the tree

Zane won’t have a fourth tree, just the ability to equip another class mod alongside his seein read one



4th skill tree will remove M2.0 from the game…

…no punch line that’s literally it.

All kidding aside, Mozes 4th tree will DEFINATEY be some kind of auto bear summon given how many people wantsd that (I never did, loved piloting iron bear)



Zane 4th skilltree in a nutshell


Serious prediction: FL4K will be able to equip the loader pet with their gun/shield/other equipment, instead of evolving like the other pets.

And even with the 4th skill tree, there won’t be any shield-related skills for FL4K lol.


Zane’s 4th skill tree will be all about grenades. The action skill will effectively be a custom second grenade with life steal as it’s basic ability. The Augments will be various typical grenade mod abilities. The capstone will make those Augments also apply to his regular grenade.

Wait, these are supposed to be farcical and this is starting to sound like something I’d want to play! Fail!


Amaras 4th tree will have a skill like, damage increase for her with every extra player in coop… (This effect stacks twice!)

  • What? No, Amaras skill icon cleeeeaaaarly shows a spirit bomb.
  • Fl4k Bot might shield him. Or…that IS Fl4k
  • Moze, calls up her iron bear who drops from the orbit to smash in to enemies like a meteor, and Moze will say “Titan deployed”
  • Zane gets a Portal gun, so you can make enemies fall endlessly through the ground.

Im all for it


Fl4k’s new pet will have an augment to change I bn I ok a EXP Loader. Fl4k will spawn a new bot every 15 seconds!!


Ironically, using the Action Skill on the floor in Sanctuary will stop items from falling through it.


New Moze capstone skill is a melee override called Pere-strike-a!. When you punch someone, instead of causing damage, you cause Woodblockers and Malak’s Banes to fall out of them.


Lmfao! At woodblockers and malak’s bane…

I think we all feel like Malak and wood at this point in the game.

Zane’s 4th skill tree Super Sonic will increase his speed even further, but he isn’t allowed to use weapons. Melee damage is reduced but slide damage increased by 5%, with a 10 second cooldown though(don’t want it to be too OP)


Maybe the 4th tree will have a hibernation skill where our VH sleeps for 3months until the kinks are ironed out! :wink:


…hope it has a snooze button…


No sarcasm
Amara will get cryo
Its about time xD



… ITS PURPLE…we’re all getting slag