Prediction: the 26-30th(?) Hero Who is LLC

Sorta copypasted from another thread:

You can see the unpolished and non-final Battleborns that are unreleased.

My inexpert guesses at who is who:
The Eldrid one is obvious.
The Rogue one will be the fish-man-lizard thing
Jenerrit (Mental Mars’ site. I agree with his fan-made theory and I hope he updates the page sometime with our given, new info.)

So this leaves:

The LLC one will be the chicken-person. They could however be a UPR member, but I believe she(?) will be a machinist/engineer similar to Ellie from Borderlands. Gearbox has been borrowing character types from Borderlands for this game in some instances already, and this really wouldn’t suprise me given the other bird-person is already is a total Hodunk. A grease-monkey LLC char would be a very interesting foil towards the other prim and proper members of the LLC. Even the TV personality of El Dragon isn’t anywhere down-to-earth enough to be as drastic a foil.

She could be a former worker under the LLC, a toolmaker or an engineer, who managed to invent their own product that the LLC needed (maybe she invented the containers that hold the shards, or some sort of shard-to-X machine. Itd probably have to be something that gives her an edge in battle I admit, but this is a great chance at lore expansion) and so she was rocketed upwards through the economic classes, but still retains the personality of a jolly(?) or humble mechanic instead of being ego-filled like any of the other LLC members.

If you’re wondering about the robot: I am expecting the new robot to be a planetary defender robot or mech working with the UPR.

This is of course all assuming that these concepts ever made it further in development.

EDIT:Also with all the grenade-like things decorating her, the grenade launcher and the very Montana-esque backpack she was probably thought of as a UPR Demoman, but a Borderlands fan can still hope. Hey an AOE marksman would still be fun.

I agree with three fifths of what you said. I think the lizard will be a UPR support, some sort of lizard shaman. I think the mech will be a Rogue Varelsi Defender in a containment suit, with its ult being void powers and temporarily leaving the suit.

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I really hope they don’t look like that woman you posted. That obesity is really disturbing to look at :confounded:


really hope they don’t look like that woman you posted. That obesity is really disturbing to look at

I’m not a SJW or anything but this is a pretty absurd statement. Also Ellie’s personality truly made up for her appearance entirely. She is a proven badass.

Also the character I was speculating on was the chicken/eagle thing that looks like they might be a member of Benedict’s race. You can see them (who may or may not be female, there is not much to go on) in the video at the time I tried to link it in.

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mini spoilers. in benedicts lore he talks about his nestmate being alive it could be that person and nova asks about being put in a “robot suit” in one of the story quests so she could be here :slight_smile:

No, she’s gross.

We already have the chubby busted face rayna and pot bellied Atticus. No need for more fatties.

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Id say the chicken character is definitely UPR. She has the UPR star symbol on her shoulder pad.

Unless of course she was UPR but has now gone Rogue.