Predictions for best VH per ‘activity’

Hello there fellow Vault Hunters!

So we’ve been staring at the skill trees and theory crafting for a few months now as well as looking at different gameplay previews. And since I’m bored and only really procrastinating until Friday gets here I would like to hear your predictions on which Vault Hunters YOU believe will shine just a little bit brighter than the rest when it comes to the different categories of gameplay; mobbing, boss killing, raid bosses etc.

Feel free to brainstorm :exploding_head:

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Yess… baseless guesses.

This is what I need while I chew my gums waiting for this to go live.

Amara - Having access to Phasegrasp I think is going to put her near or at the best mobber in the game, in the same route as maya. CC goes a long way in borderlands games, and she has access to great damaging abilities in all three trees that might use this. I’m worried that first tier PG may outshine some of the other abilities just because its so damn spammable, but that alone is going to put her up there, and if we’re lucky, her elemental “overkill” skill may touch some of the same places Krieg’s Bloodsplosion did. I’m not making any hard predictions on single target raid damage yet, but she’s got the flat “gun damage” buffs to put her in the running.

Zane - Honestly, I don’t know if there’s a competition for best support. Zane just seems like he wins that category. Everything he can do is beneficial to the team in some way. I don’t think he’ll be a slouch, DPS wise, but compared to some of the other classes he looks a bit more reserved. Still, he’s easily the one I want on the team if I’m not playing him already.

Fl4k - Maybe the only character I can see that gimes Amara a run for her money as a mobber, and probably “easier” to solo with. Flat damage buffs give them a solid chance in the Raids category, but a lot of that may depend on how long their pet can live under a lot of raid conditions.

Moze - Decent team support, but not as good as Zane in my opinion. It could just be my perception of her trees but nothing “stands out” to me in a big way, and so much of her ability is going to be tied into the mch. She could be first or last in a lot of these categories to me, but deserves at least a nod to support play for the weirder stuff on Iron Bear.

Jokes aside, It’s always based on preferences.
For me, Fl4k looks like they will be better than others, but it’s just mine opinion.


Yes ofc it is.:slight_smile:

I’ve been going from Zane to Fl4k to Amara in regards to my first play through but will probably end up playing them all. All of them seem very much viable and fun to play to me, although in different ways.

The thing that made me personally switch to Amara for my first VH is the gameplay mechanics of weaving between melee and gunplay. Ironically, at first I said to myself that Amara was a hard No since I didn’t enjoy a 100% melee based style in BL2 (for me it didn’t make sense to melee in a game about guns, eh?). The Amara skill trees seems to be centered on a melee/gun hybrid or alternatively a elemental build with a lot of movement increases and gameplay mechanics that appeals to me, making her my first pick!

Disclaimer; might change my mind tomorrow.

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Right now my first run is going to be on Zane for co-op and Amara for my single character. Zane got the nod because it looks like my partner will be going Fl4k. Amara my girl though. Elemental 4 life.