Predictions For PAX Online Panel

Gearbox has a showcase planned for PAX Online today. Do you think we will get any Borderlands news and what are you hoping for?

A new vault hunter


I think we’ll get Year 2 news. I’m expecting GB to announce a new event is coming before xmas and the new skill trees.


I think it will be cosmetics and updates. I would love more DLC but I think this close to the 4th one it may not happen. But we may get some Halloween stuff like we did in the past.

Bloody Harvest re-activation with the ability to turn it on-off on the echo tab would be nice. There are plenty of folks who missed out first time around for various reasons. And I could really use a max level mayhem levelled Ghast Call!


I do think that is a good idea. I did enjoy the one they did last year.

I know it won’t happen still find it funny they are so against doing dlc vault hunters and yet they made a dlc vault hunter the main premise of a dlc and had a dlc vault hunter show up in guns love and tentacle dlc before axton or salvador. Oh and the base game features a dlc character and handsome jackpot as well.


Some think a new game will be announced but I do not see it. I think they will consider more DLC and events and perhaps when things get normal again they can look at it. While they can promote online I can tell you as a media member that they always go big at E3 and PAX and seeing the booths and such is always a big part of the buildup.

I know a bunch of people who are hoping against hope for a completely different GBX franchise game (BiA) to be announced. I’m guessing we will likely get more publisher-focussed news too, such as HW3 and Godfall.

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I joked it would be Aliens Colonial Mariners Remastered, a new Duke Nukem and Battleborn 2.

I’m guessing a content roadmap. Hoping they’ll add the seasonal events in permanent.

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Predictions. Not “hopes and dreams that will obviously be dashed like waves against the rocks”.

Personally, I’m expecting them to announce a 2nd wave of DLC content. I doubt they’d try to focus on bug fixes or just general improvements to the game to make it a better experience for the playerbase. They seem focused on money…which seems weird since having a game that runs well would encourage people to buy and play it, but whatever. Capitalism gonna Capitalism, I guess.

They MIGHT say something about a 4th skill tree, but that is more a hope than an expectation. If they were gonna do something like that then the anniversary would have been the time to drop them into the game.

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Is it in Twitch Room 1 as some of the panel rooms are not very clear.

I think it will be on both the Gearbox official channel and the borderlands channel with Mitsu and Tess adding their comments on the later.

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Yea, PAX isn’t really the place to go over technical stuff. It’ll be a content announcement of some sort.


It has not been clear on some panels. I know our interviews/meetings are on discord for game companies. Pretty much all indies so glad Bethesda and Gearbox are taking part.

Not sure about the actual PAX stream, but it should be broadcast here:

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And here:

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I would really like an official announcement of the rumored skill trees and more takedowns or general end game content. However, I’ll temper my expectations so I’m not disappointed.

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Looks like we may get our wish: