Predictions on what DLC when

(Matrixneo42) #1

I think we’ll see the next character in mid January.

And possibly mid February for the campaign DLC. But I suppose they might wait longer if they’re making something huge. For example, Borderlands 2 came out in Sept 2012. Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep came out June 25th, 2013.

So, we might have to wait until June, July or August, 2015 in order to see the campaign.

Obviously I’m hoping for sooner. Either way I expect we might see a couple little bonuses along the way, before or after the campaign. Such as headhunter style maps/missions.

Just some thoughts.

Continuing the discussion from Look it’s $5 for an Arena and $5 for level cap increase:

Campaign DLC. Here's hoping it's Bunkers and Badasses
(Qmark) #2

I’d rather have awesome later, than mediocre right now.


@Matrixneo42 Could you not have combined your two topics into one?

(Matrixneo42) #4

They are different topics. One is the about the value of the holodome / level cap pack. The other is predicting when we will get the next DLC packs. The commonality is that I think we’ll get some small missions too.