Predictions- Pre-BattlePlan

Who is getting the nerf bat today? anyone? How about a double Xp weekend or other special weekends??

My prediction is simple =

Gearbox understands that this game is really good (at times) and have to take action in order to keep the old and the 9.99ers playing this game. I expect an action packed December with Double XP weekends every weekend until after the New Year, Lootpacolypse (sp) and Beatrix and hopefully the release date of Oscar Mike DLC and other tentative dates.

What do you think?

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I want some info on the next patch. but that’s just me.

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GBX is supposed to make a major announcement sometime today. I am pretty sure that it’s not going to be about BB so there are two options in the battleplan today. Option one, a better roadmap for the rest of battleborn and the season pass to the day when the game goes to offline play and it’s final state. Option two, to reassure the BB community, it’s super uplifting with lots of things really soon, like shift codes, good hot fixes, events, and actual dates for the ops and Beatrix

Borderlands 3 is also the rumor

I don’t want to speculate on what Randy thinks is a big announcement. But a BL3 release will take all of the BB players.


BL3 isn’t releasing for a few years yet, and if BB is still relevant by the time it releases I’ll be pleasantly surprised. The big announcement will probably have some minor info on BL3, but I doubt anything solid more than “we’re working on it” and maybe a tentative possible release year.

Hopefully info on the upcoming patch, next ops and Beatrix. Some outlines for the future plans or ideas would be nice, but I’m not getting too high hopes for that.

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A bl3 announcement though will generate plenty of publicity for gearbox and essentially Battleborn. Coinciding the Bl3 announcement with a major Battleborn improvement could be a perfect storm of advertising.

well the battleplan is out and uh… nothing in it, lol.

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Yeah #sadface

I was hoping for something not stay tuned to next week when after we tell you about it “news” you will have to wait another week.

I am personally not ready to give up the game yet, but it is really hard to keep playing that is 7 months old and is $9.99 when I paid 8 times that…