Prefered prefix and element type for ars

Ive been thinking about getting a lead storm, hail, seraphim, ogre and a few more verucs. What do you think would be better for damage output? For the lead storm id imagine ferocious or rabid would be fine for a prefix since the highest accuracy is like 75 and the lowest is the upper 60s. And for element i could see fire being better to put the hurt on. But for the dahl seraphim im not sure tge feral prefix would do much good. Id imsgine attack or onslaught would be best. As for verucs feral attack or onslaught with fire or shock element? And the ogre and hail i have no clue honestly. Id like to find more viable options for op8. An op8 fire attack veruc just does not perform well. Have to drop to op 5 to see it being viable.

I won’t comment of the Veruc prefixes as I only use the corrosive version on loaders - and I’m more interested in the rest of the parts than the prefix. Also, no comment on the Seraphim ( I’m just not a Dahl fan, so… )

The worst Ogre in my opinion is the ‘Wild’ version. The decrease in accuracy is extremely frustrating for me - as it has excellent mid-range potential. If all the other parts were perfect, I’d personally go for bullet speed first ( Slippery ). If imperfect, perhaps stability ( Rigorous ). However, an Ogre is a tough drop - so a Dahl stock is more important than prefix ( Wild excluded - blech! )

The Hail’s barrel is such that it is (mostly) unaffected by that same prefix ( Rabid for Vladof ) and is in my opinion the best ( and have since seen DPS tests to show this ). One thing that kills a Hail is a scope though - much better ADS-ing with a scope-less version. If you only get one, get the shock. If you get two, fire and shock. The Hail on Axton is soooooo good - get all three!

The Lead Storm has always disappointed me compared with the Hail, so there’s that.

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Ive been a burst fire guy since borderlands one when its wasnt a gimmic to dahl only. Naturally i liked the feel of dahl guns so seeing the manufacturer get shafted across the board urks me. I still stay loyal but to really enjoy higher op lvls you almost cant use the veruc. Even a fire one on fleshy enemies is lackluster. Thats why im looking into the seraphim and mini guns. I use the hornet for loaders so a corrosive veruc seems pointless to me. Thats also why ive looked at other manufacturers ars for better weapons. Hope they fix the crit issue in borderlands 3. And ik it might be a bit much but itd be cool if they added splash damage to elemental weapons. Like i think the veruc would benefit from splash damage even a 50% bonus. A lot of guns would. And is it true the seraphim doesn’t recieve splash?

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When it comes to the hail, from what I’ve heard ferocious is the best prefix for everybody other than Gaige (ferocious is still good on her, but rabid is apparently the best for her). As for the ogre slippery is probably your best bet. Getting the ogre in BL2 is a massive pain in the ass though.

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Bullet speed for both Seraphim and Ogre for me.
Lead Storm I would go the same as the Hail, Rabid. But the bullet speed can lengthen the range, so end up being personal choice and usage.
The only Veruc I’ve ever used is the corrosive one, as it is good against Loaders and their aligned critical spots. Dont know about the prefix, thou, but the Accuracy may tighten the spread.


For me my preference is attack feral or onslaught. The feral prefix honestly works pretty well despite accuracy loss. Mind you feral is close range to mid range if that. I like your input though

Since you’re a Dahl guy I’d also look out for a Dahl ar with the spini gun barrell.

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Yea i like miniguns they are a pain to get though…

I know, my personal favorite spiny gun barrelled weapon is the Jacobs variety. Butt stallion spit me a decentish citrine one. I’ve seen a few emerald Dahl spiny guns from her but they were non elemental.

It sucks its harder to find well parted non uniques than it is to farm legendary weapons. Lol


I loved jakobs spiniguns too them, spitters and dahl miniguns are very fun non uniques. But stupid rare to get your perfect prefix, parts and flavor

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Btw is butt stallion this easiest way to get non unique purples?

There are also the Snowman and Loot train.

For anything besides torque weapons, I’d personally say yes. Also the gemstone prefix makes them slightly better.

I dash farm it and just have another character there to pick up any keepers.

If you go in there trying for specific guns with specific parts you’re in for a bad time.

Best finds in the last few days (maybe six hours designated farming)

All Jacobs iron with gunstock pre
Boss Jacobs gattling gun bandit grip/stock
Hunting quad with tedior grip, torque stock
Mukumuck with Dahl grip/stock, crit pre
All vladof anarchist in fire with mag pre
Maliwan with vlad barell sniper in corrosive

Saw a few good droogs and some other okay things.

It’s just random luck but it’s fun.

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Are there videos of people using the lead storm. Its kinda hard to get used to

There’s a few on YouTube. I’m sure derch gets in good detail in his tgtbtu series.

for ARs you want a dahl stock and matching grip most of the time. for dahl you want Attack or Deep prefix, i think

I’ll keep it simple

  • Preferred prefix - Boss, then Flush, starting with a Bekah and work backwards

  • Preferred Element - not applicable

  • Preferred Parts - Dahl stock goes without saying, but Vladof is ok just not Jakobs

  • Preferred Farm - McNally and Butt Stallion for Citrine’s

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So basically for the storm you aim at the body for the bullets to split and then hit criticals? Is it the same for the hail.but a much larger learning curve? So basically for the hail you have to hip fire for it to be good? When i originally used it i aimed down the sights and then sold it

The Hail’s spread is tightened when ADS-ing which is why having no scope is so important to me. Hip firing is ok when you’re up close but it should be shouldered as much as possible.


That curve is ridiculous you’d almost have to aim at the floor