Prefered prefix and element type for ars

It’s something you just get used to ; but again, with a scope you’re practically shooting your feet - which sucks. Scopeless, it gives you good FOV.

What the DPUH is to a lot of people, the Hail is to me : every character gets one…or two…or three.


Prefered element along with ferocious prefix?

All of them of course!
If only one, get shock. And Rabid prefix

Ferocious nerfs the fire rate.
Rabid increases rate rate and damage . It normally decreases accuracy on whatever AR, but affects those with the grenadier barrel so little that it’s unimportant. Again, that’s why ADS-ing is better…which means no scope.

List of priority for me when farming : 1 Scopeless , 2 element , 3 Rabid , 4 grip/stock


I can’t really use the hail. Stupid 360.

I’m looking to farm up some kittens here soon. Is it a very parts/pre dependent gun?

The only assault rifles I’ve used much have been Jacobs so I’m looking to try some others.

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Im looking for a fire or shock emerald minigun. That would be too great. I get gem pistols like no other

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We all do lol. So so so many bad pistols. Grabbed a good anarchist just now though

I mostly get tmps and aegis’

Count me out on the Kittens. I can’t make them work for me ( that’s me being nice ). But I should think Rabid would be a great prefix.

No matter what, the spread is such that you can’t use it beyond 3 meters ; so the increased spread from the Rabid prefix should be negligible. In theory.

Was thinking along the lines of using a slag one. In combination with mayas cloud kill any slag moxi gun is tons of healing. Was thinking it would be like a slagga that heals.

The only thing might be the low chance to slag. I think regular elements are 9% so slag might be 12%-15%?

Worth trying!

Flicker helps that a bit, but sadly I can’t go with maliwan parts so I need to go crazy fire rate.

Still at 12% and three projectiles per trigger pull and it’s fast fire rate. I’m thinking it will slab plenty well. Might use it in conjunction with the fastball too.

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Prefixes vary. For most non-Jakobs, highest DPS per cycle, not counting accuracy, is won by the Wild accessory. Counting accuracy, the highest DPS per cycle goes to either bullet speed+fire rate or mag size. The damage accessory has a penalty to fire rate, which is pretty significant.

For Jakobs or other burst damage rifle, it’s mostly the damage accessory. The vertical grip can be handy in handling the gun itself. Although if you’re going to fire the whole mag of the gun for the whole fight (and not stopping because of recoil or anything), the mag size accessory wins in DPS per cycle, because fire rate don’t give anything to Jakobs, mostly.

In the end, it’s a matter of usage, personal preference, and RNG (good luck getting what you want).

edit: some clarification.


The accuracy prefix is pretty good for the Kitten, actually.

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