Preferred com with pimpernel?

Ive always mained maya but never got around to using the pimpernel. Finally got a good lvl 72 one and was wondering what the community preferred com was for this weapon. my guess would be leg cat for +5 to reaper and wreck. Any opinion?

Blurred Trickster!


I completely forgot about that com tbh lol. +5 to chain reactions sounds amazing. ill have to keep my eye out for one.

I second that!


got a blue blurred trickster to just drop from scorch. Got +6 chain reaction and +5 kinetic reflection. Good enough until i can find a purple one.

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The blue is better.


i guess its just my lucky day then haha

I use L Siren as default, L Binder for Pimpernel speed runs, and Blurred Trickster (blue, 6 CR, 5 KR) for some bosses or change of pace. Blurred Trickster does filthy, nasty things while PL is up, but lacks gun damage, or boosts to skills like Foresight, Wreck, or Reaper. You can offset that a little by going with a Bee, but that also makes you glassy. Fair trade off, though.


I usually play co-op so I go with the Legendary Binder. Basically just use whatever gives you the most bang for the buck.

Legendary Catalyst for me 'cause Gaige is the only one I let use it, and she’s all up in the Little Big Trouble tree.

Also: autoplaying videos? Do not want.


I’ve been using my Leg. Siren Com because that’s the main COM the build I’m using calls for, and because RNGesus is a dick, and won’t give me a blurred trickster COM.

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Me neither!


Legendary Siren outmatches them all in the end. Although you can get better results in certain situations with other COM’s, this one works everywhere. Legendary Binder would be my second choice. It’s more powerful when you have enemies phaselocked and as long as Reaper is active, but weaker when you don’t. Still a very good COM. Same thing goes for Legendary Cat.

Blurred Trickster… Everyone keeps saying how great it is, but I can’t get over how weak it is compared to the other ones. I’ve tried to like it, but I just can’t seem to get over the fact that, even though CR kicks in and hits the enemies, they still live after taking multiple hits.


I think most everyone would say it’s great for Pimpernel use and maybe not so great with other guns but that’s just my guess…

What others said, and I’ll also mention a blue Fox mod with 6 Reaper and 50%+ burn damage.

Autoplaying? Didn’t know it did that…sorry. :sweat:

The Pimp is more or less designed for the Blurred Trickster. But not vice versa. Even though it’s a really powerful gun on it’s own, it just doesn’t have that punch you get with the other COM’s. You’re simply giving up too much firepower in order to be able to hit everything simultaneously. But what if there had been a legendary trickster COM… Just imagine…

Kinetic Reflection
Life Tap
Chain Reaction
Reaper or Wreck

Now THAT would have been a nice COM for the Pimp.


Hey, not your fault - that’s a forum engine thing. I didn’t mind the video, but there should always be an option for the user to only play them when desired.


I am generally using Leg Siren as it is the most balanced one IMO. Altough with the pimp boosting Accelerate can be counter-intuitive but it is pretty easy to learn the new spread.

Leg Binder and Blurred Trickster are also interesting but I just like the Siren alot.

Specing in Accelerate is optional. I never spec it when I use the Pimp.