Preferred video recording software

Hey everyone!

Planning on actually/finally doing some video for some of my recent Moze builds. Would like to know what suggestions you have for software to adequately capture gameplay! I’m practically old, so last stuff I used was FRAPS long ago.

I have an nvidia gpu and find shadowplay works excellently as a low effort solution for recording. The quality is decent, it has a low impact on performance and there’s no intrusive watermarking.

OBS is also an excellent solution though you would need to commit to going through a more intensive setup before you could start using it to record. OBS has pretty much all the benefits of shadowplay and more, it just takes a bit more to get working smoothly.

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I have Nvidia 1060, so this is useful. Thank you! I will look into further tomorrow I reckon.

I use Streamlabs OBS because I also stream sometimes. Works for normal recording as well. :slight_smile:

Yeah I use Shadowplay as well. A free program called OpenShot Video Editor to edit, it’s very simple and to the point. OpenShot does have all kinds of options to edit but I’m only ever interested in cutting and splicing and it’s just a couple drags and clicks to put shorter pieces together and make it a video, very easy.