[Prefix] Critical damage, or Raw damage?

Or, in the case of shotguns, pellet count. Also, for which weapons, since not all (like E-tech ARs/Pistols/SRs) work well with Critical damage:

EDIT: Is there some way to line vertical pics up side-by-side so the post isn’t so long?

Thanks in advance for the info/replies, guys.

Your best bet is to check the Top gear thread for whichever charecter you’re talking about, but in general, gun damage>crit damage.

Regarding shotguns, pellet count is really good for shotguns with low pellet counts and really meh, for those with high counts, unless your charecter has a bore like skill.

Crit damage can be better than gun damage on Maya specifically, after accounting for reaper, but otherwise wingsday’s got it here. Also, the crit damage prefix on shotguns gives you additional accuracy, so it tends to be better on things with lots of pellets

1)Find Gun
2)Consult a “Top Gear” Thread to see what the Community Reccomends for said Gun
3)If all else fails try it yourself and form your own opinions for your own playstyle

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That bit about reaper is not nessisaily true, because reaper is multiplicative, whatever would give you higher damage without it, will give you higher damage with you. That’s not to say that crit is never better, just that multipliers are a non-factor in those decisions.