Prefixes With X2 & Elementals

Weapons with those prefixes and with elementals… does the elements do twice per X2 ammo consuming shot or is the elemental damage the same as X1? Does this follow with annointments like 100 Zane Cyro or 115% Fl4k GB?

Needed to understand this since I’m confused

Damage is per listed on the card. If it say 1000 X2 then each trigger pull shoot two projectiles diong 1000 damage each.
The “elemental damage” I imagine you mean “Damage over Time” (DoT)
Each projectile will have a chance to proc the Dot. So if it say 13% 500dmg. You have two projectiles with 13% chance to proc 500 dmg/s.

I’ll include this table for elemental damage reference. Just in case.

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Yeah I mean the chance to activate the elemental damage from the weapon. I guess X2 prefix still a must have I’ll have to look for like Brainstormer, etc

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If you’re talking about the elemental damage and chance (dot damage) you have less elemental damage the more proyectiles you have.
I compared 2 recursions I have, the one with 2 projectiles have less dot damage that one that has only 1 projectile. But both have the same dot chance. So, it’s easier to proc an elemental dot the more projectiles your weapon shoots, but it will have reduced damage.

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It’s not always that clear cut. On paper you get higher dps, yes. On the field you can have different preferences. I currently use a redundant (X2) Brainstormer and can’t say I love it. I’d like more shots per mag and less recoil.
But it does hit harder.
The Lyuda is another I don’t like the X2 much.

There is one thing I’m actually interested to know. Is there any kinda of DOT cap in this game. Like how many re occurring fire damage over time effects can you pile on a target. Is it like BL2 where say a character could only have 5 fire damage over time effects on a target at once.

You get a max of 1 dot for each element. Though you can have multiple dots of different elements ticking at the same time.

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I’m assuming that is why Infusion for Amara is considered potentially compromising to the power of a gun with a matching element to her ASE. That is good to know!

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Yeah. Dot damage is dependent on the guns damage, Infusion splits this damage therefore creating two lower powered dots that combined should equal the original one. However in a case where gun and infusion match element then you’ll only get one of the two dots which is weaker than a full dot.

Though tbh this effect on dots is generally inconsequential. The main reason Infusion is ignored is it hinders matching elements which in more cases than not is preferred.

I would agree in most cases even on M4 there are better ways to do tremendous upfront damage reduring powerful DOT effects essentially moot. In BL2 we had Rabbid Skags on UVHM OP8 with huge damage resistance and a ton of HP regen. The best way to render that HP regen useless was slag and a couple other DOTs. I don’t think any enemies in BL3 even have HP regen come to think of it.

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