Preloading Borderlands 3 for PC, EPIC saying no now?

i recently heard about this not going to occur for PC users and am truly concerned, especially with EPICs track history of promises and renegs.

EPIC (TS) when asked, uses a example of a fornite event of 10 mil that went just fine, which does not involve the situation of players down loading a new complete game from scratch is not a valid comparison

i have three BL series games from STEAM (2 i owned before steam, but lost CD keys and were on a crashed PC), not a cryhard about STEAM vs EPIC. no matter whose service or internet you have, complete game loading is not fast, from what i understand of this situation that EPIC is now doing, the only way you will have Borderlands 3 on day 1, hour 0, minute 0 is if you play on consoles

is this 2K instruction to EPIC to do this?

No one knows. The pre-load option is a pretty new addition to the EGS though, so maybe it hasn’t been discussed with 2K yet?

EGS has made promises of doing updates to their features, sites, options. i will not derail into that.

reloading could be done, if 2K allows, 2-3 days prior, with the game locked

Well, there’s still time for them to do that so… we’ll see? (Didn’t you just hate it when your parents said that to you as a kid?)

i’m 57 yo, my parents took me to aladdins castle (arcade), loaded me with money…it was my baby sitter. i’m a version of the cable guy

are you my friend?

I’m concerned too. The best download speed I got on EGS so far was about 1.0-1.5 MB/s, and that was in normal times, when there weren’t a billion users downloading a probably 50+GB game at the same time.

I can only hope Epic know what they’re doing.

And I’m not sure if I’m feeling better now after the previous sentence.

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Well, luckily I’m not concerned. I have a 1Gbps connection through Xfinity… The game will download in minutes, depending on Epic’s servers not crashing.

Is it really that much of an issue if you can’t preload the game, though?

I get that people are eager to play the game as soon as possible, but it’s not like you’d need to download the game each time you want play it.

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How does that compare to Steam? (Just curious.)

My current connection is 2 MB/s and Steam always maxes that out. Previously I had a lightning fast 4 MB/s and Steam always maxed that out too. Whenever I’ve downloaded something on Steam in all those years, it was always at the maximum speed available in my flat. EGS never was, it’s always been between 0.5-1.5 MB/s.

Which leads me to believe that if I had a much faster connection, Steam would be much faster too while EGS would still be dawdling.

edit: for the record, I’m in Germany and a 2MB/s connection isn’t the worst you get here.

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I went ahead and pre-ordered on EGS simply because there was enough people I know IRL that have done so already or are planning to do so soon. I have yet to actually download a game from it but the speeds I got on updating the platform after installation was only reaching between 3.5mb/s - 5mb/s. Compare that to steam where its normally in the 10-20 range when its either not overloaded or when the speed tracker isn’t bugging and saying I’m downloading at 1243839082093843209gb/s. Though I think 3.5-5mb/s is about what I get through PSN on my PS4 though I never sat there and watched it. I know my downloads from PSN do go considerably slower than steam on my PC.

I just tested a download using my workplace internet, which is considerably slower than my home speeds. clocked in at 43Mbps (but actuals should be 75Mbps) and when downloading through EGS app, I was getting ~ 9MB/s. Which is about maxing out the download connection.

If you have issues downloading this, it may be on your end, unless there is a server crash.

i got 89 to 164Mps+ and still 15G short of completing and i started downloading nonstop since around 7 pm PST on 10 sept, as of now at 2 days downloading