Premade Helix Choices

Hey guys, I just had an idea that could be great for some players.

Like the title says, what about giving us the option to pre-choose our helix choices?

For example, before the game starts (Command screen? Character select screen?) you can choose all yours helixes choices, Level 1 to 10, and it will instantly select it for you when you level up.

Yeah, I know guys, most of the times the helix choice is situational, you can change your mind during the match, you can adapt it depending on the enemy team etc but, sometimes, I think that can be very useful for some players.


  • My gf is a great Alani player but, sometimes, in the heat of the fight, she forget to level up her helixes or she just do that when she dies. She would benefit a lot from a premade helix choice, for example.

  • When you are in the middle of a fight and level up, you will not need to retreat to look to yours helixes options to choose one (I know some people have good memory and are fast enough to choose a helix on a jump, for example, but some people don’t)

Soooo… what you guys think about that? :slight_smile:

Thanks and sorry for any english mistakes.

*Admins, feel free to change the title of this thread if I was not clear enough.


This is something I’ve always wanted. The times where I mess up a helix choice like level 4 or 5 on Caldarius just screws up everything.

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Oh, I’ll read those threads. Anyway, I think we need a new one with this subject! :slight_smile:

Very good point! Sometimes you mess up a helix choice by mistake and all your game style is gone.

Thanks for the reply.

I accidentally took Toby’s helix that draws enemies towards his mine rather than stun them
needless to say I didnt have a good time
I rarely purposely take helix options that are outside of my normal choice. Once I have a good game plan I dont change it.

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Excellent point, most of the times I use the build I decide before the match.

Maybe choosing your helixes in character selection screen can be a great idea, because you know your enemies and teammates, no mistakes.

But thats a fun helix!! :joy: walking targets cant get out easily and alani fly across the map.

There are few helix options that are crap, usless and not only breaks a strategy but breaks the character itself.

Ambra helix 2 !! You can survive helix 3 but not helix 2 this is one of the worst helix .


I feel it would be nice to have a preset helix option mapped to, say, the R3 button or something random that you arent using while in your helix choice menu. Hitting R3 would revert to your premade selection for that helix or you can choose another choice normally.
Pipe dream of course, they havent implemented “Supercharge” game mode yet so I doubt they’re taking requests on feature implementations lol.


This option would be great, too.

Yeah, but let’s dream, right? Lol.


I’ve been doing helixes on a jump since early days. There are only 2-3 options to choose from.
Personally I would like it if each character had 3 or so gear loadouts to pick from so that I don’t have to scroll through 30 loadouts to find the one that works with whoever I’m playing. I would just pick the character and have a default loadout that works with them plus one or two extras for certain situations like a pvp loadout and a PvE loadout. Never going to happen though. Maybe in “BB2 the search for more players”.

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Yea, I completely agree with you. The gear selection is a mess right now. This idea of every character having 3 or more unique options to them is the solution for that, no doubts.

You’re right, but mistakes happens sometimes, right? And, in not so common cases, people just forget or take a lot of time to level up their helixes. I still believe an optional premade choice will help a lot of players, specially new ones.

That is more of an issue with the helix options themselves. There shouldn’t be any bad picks. Each helix option should have some viability. If, for example, there was a default setting that auto picked for you for new players. What options should it choose? The best ones to give the new guy a leg up or the worst so that they learn the best the hard way? Playing Ambra there is really only one way to go on almost every option and I know how detrimental it can be to pick the wrong one but never once did I blame the game for picking that wrong option. If you are looking for a fix to bad helix options, automatically picking the best ones is not the way to go.

I’m sorry I kinda misread your post. People taking too long means that they have to read what each one does before they pick. That means they didn’t know what they are already and if it picks for them they still won’t know what they do or why their sunspots keep vanishing all of a sudden or why my wards are balls that don’t protect me or whatever. These are things that new players need to learn and if it is picked for them than they have less reason and opportunity to do so. This is another reason why newcomers shouldn’t be allowed to jump straight into pvp. They need to know what they are capable of and what the limitations and trade offs are.

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This would be a cool option, it would definitely reduce the amount of “■■■■ I ■■■■■■ up my helix” groaning due to an accidental wrong button press. Toggling the option on and off for each character specifically would be cool. This way it allows new players to continue testing helix options on characters until they are comfortable with their character’s abilities. But that is the hidden beauty of this game, some players have found ways to make the orthodox helix option very plausable in competitive game modes (ex would be Benedict’s lvl 5 divebomb option, which I promote anywhere and everywhere I can). some people prefer the left of that, others prefer the right, it’s truly whatever helps an individual out and is based on opinion and constant use that delegates what helix choices are good and which ones aren’t. If you play one way, you certainly start to see other people who use other options as “bad”, when it’s just a biased opinion on the matter (like how I hate seeing Benedict’s use the lvl 1 helix option that sends them backwards in the air) or how @Nemosis327 loves getting hit by ground zeroes Deandes.

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10/10 would get cancer again

I don’t cry or anything with Rope-a-dope Dragon, nope, no tears here.

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As an fellow split-screen player, this is really needed! :slight_smile:

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What does split screen have to do with leveling/helix options?

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Very bad UI that makes it very hard to read helix descriptions at all.


It might help if they gave you half the screen instead of 1/3.


That is the idea. I really think this option will give us a lot of options. :slight_smile: