Premade vs Pug is total BS

and shame on anyone who thinks they are skilled for having 2-4 of your friends fight all your battles for you.

5 vs 1

so much skill involved

we just 5 vs 1 that guy lemme taunt him to show him i killed him with skill

please man.

if you play in a premade i automatically feel sorry for you because you have no confidence in your own abilities orskills, you need help everytime u get into a fight and that is wack!

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Chill bro. I play “premade” although my premade is me and my two buddies just trying to play a game together and have fun. We don’t try to pick optimal team comps or anything like that.

I also have to say that I was in a game that was all randoms against a 5 man premade, all lvl 100s. We put up one heck of a fight. No sentries went down until like the last two minutes. At one point I was Reyna and I went with our Marquis and we almost, almost took out their first sentry. Sadly we got jumped on by their team and they took out ours and won the game. The point is though, it was a super close match and we could have won it, we came real close. Even though we were all randoms and they were a 5 man premade, all lvl 100s.

In my next match it was randoms vs randoms and my team got creamed, stomped all over. You just never know what is going to happen and not all premades are a bunch of tryhards playing the game super-competitively. A lot of us are just dudes having fun with our buddies.


Food for thought, team up with randoms you like playing with and become a ‘premade’ yourself. Nothing wrong with using OP team work.


Nothing wrong with taunting. Can’t let it get to you though, otherwise you just become frustrated and in turn, start playing worse. I play with my brother a lot and he gets so mad sometimes, I find it hard to get stressed and pissed while playing a video game. Kind of defeats the reason for playing. I get usually play randoms, sometimes I do great, other times I get creamed. It’s the nature of the game really.


Play Thorn and get good with her and hard carry any randoms to victory vs whoever. The Thorn carry is real. Just killing minions and occasionally players until you get her ultimate combo will keep most games close

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yeah i agree thorn is also super OP.

the problem is i enjoy melee the most and melee gets wrecked against premades.

oh well, no respect for premade players. its basically cheating imo

That’s kind of unfair I mean people like to play with their friends. I play with a few friends and trust me I wish I could play with other premades every game. I usually play new characters when it looks like the match is gonna be a pushover, but honestly there’s usually a few people in a party on the other team.

Now the gali carry with 2 or 3 support in premade…don’t get me started.

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Maybe they are taunting you for being dumb and running up to all 5 members of the opposite team by yourself.

You sound mad.

that’s an interesting assumption.


nah i was getting killed in my own base right next to my sentry because they mob in a group of FIVE PEOPLE.

FIVE PEOPLE is a LOT in this game… usually with pugs they are spread over the map. But with premade its always a big chunk of 5, so their heals are on point, the dps is massive and the cc is a joke.

Im not that stupid dude, i usually win most of my games and have some of the hardest achievements completed all by myself. Of course i would never run straight into a group of 5 people as a melee chracter, lol!

And yet you keep stating you are running into all 5 of their team… It’s one or the other.

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Let’s keep it to the game, and not each other.

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Theres nothing wrong with premades. Although there should be a premade mode for each gametype wher eyou get matched up with other 5v5s. However the community is to low to do that and the premades would get matched up every 2 hours. Unless it improves theres not a whole lot that can be done. Just do your best. When I go with randoms and get matched up with premades and lose I right it off as soft loss as they already had the advantage. Its w/e really, no big deal.

its ok its not that big of a deal.

just tried to join a game got matched up against a premade of 5. no thanks jeff. just gonna alt f4 and wait a few minutes until they surrender. lol.

no way im gonna go try to compete against 5 people at once.

ill just play some other games while i wait to get a fair q.

and nah man… i never sad i ran directly into 5 of them… when did i ever said i intentionally did that?

if these people wanna do 5v1 cool, i dont hate… do what ya want… i just wont be participating in it ok.

Teaming up in a team based game, SO BM…

lol yeah who would dare group up in a heavily team based game. That’s insane! Everyone knows a guy running around by himself and not communicating with his team is super OP. Lol wow.

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Oh dear… It’s a team based game.
Sure, I also don’t like that premades are being put against solos but it’s definitely nothing like cheating. (Signed by someone who just got stopmed three times in a row by premades. Waiting for my fourth one.)

But have you tried playing in premades? You don’t just automatically win when teaming up.

Or maybe you just happen to have friends. Humans are social beings and we generally enjoy each others company. Playing games is a good activity when wishing to spend time with your fellow human beings.

You can beat Pre-mades.

You can beat pre-mades with a mediocre team.

Sometimes you’ll get stomped, but no matter who you are facing, sometimes you’ll get stomped.

While I wouldn’t be against a seperate queue for pre-mades vs PUGs, I think that it would just increase queue times again and upset people.

If I could provide any suggestion, it would be learn to play as one of the following characters: Phoebe, El Dragon, Thorn, Rath, OM (there are a few more).

These characters are all hard Carries. If you manage to keep level, and play the objective, you can single-handedly keep your team afloat.

Speaking of which, the only other suggestion I would give, is that when up against a pre-made, focus on playing the objective above all else. You are likely going to lose fights early on, because they can apply group tactics and you can’t. If you play the objective, you will start to out level them, when you can start doing real damage mid-late game.

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i dont care lol i am totally cool to losing to a pug but not a team of “friends”

how do u think it would go down if 5 friends went and pick a fight with 5 random people?

the 5 guys would all gang up on 1 specfic target one at a time until theyre all 5 KNOCKED OUT.

same thing in BB

its cool tho everytime i get grouped up against a premade i just quit and wait for match to be over.

i absolutely 100% refuse to be 5 teamed for an entire game, there is literally nothing fun about it when you got 5 people beating o nyou. you are most often gonna get cc and die before u get outta it.

just my opinion, i dont mind losing… but not if its not fair.

it also makes me sixk to my stomach when i get killed because i get stuck on invisible wall or something like that.

all iask for is fair fight

plus these teams of 5 always always have at least 1 healer.

and most pugs do not have healers. at least in my experience i never get heals maybe 1 out of 10 games

Fair enough, just offering you suggestions.

Hope you find a way to have fun with the game!