Premades in causal play

Now Idk if I should put this post in thr exsisting matchmaking thread but I do have a more spicific topic I want to discuss.

Premades in causal its and issue. I know this new matchmakinh is already less then loved and people I met general want it back how it was but personally I don’t think its simply the fact that skill based matchmaking is not in causal, I think the issue is that you can build a team of 5 go in to casual and get a good amount of easy wins for the same rewards we use to get before the inclusion of compeditve and spotlight.

I ran in to the same premade tonight 3 times in causal matchmaking on the ps4. Every single time people dropped right at the start on my team before the match started in the hopes that others would drop and the match wouldn’t start. Well they where right. It took me and a friend 35 mins to get in to a match and then the opponents surrended after less then 20 mins. After that we qed again with the same group using re matching guess what there was that premade for rhe 4th time and everyone droped befor the match started. So me and my one friend quite.

I get playing casual with a friend or two but getting a 5 man team for premades in casual seems unnecessary. Although maybe the reason these guys where in casual was beacuse competitive has rediculose q times idk. Tomorow I will try and see if I can get the other side of the story for this premade.

I would hate to be on there end where they must have spent more then an hour just trying to get a game.

Not everyone does a 5man premade for stomping. A lot of people play in groups because it’s fun.

I do see the annoyance of people using 5men premades in casual to stomp randoms though.

However, you can’t tell people not to play in groups or prevent premades in casual or any mode. That would be completely unfair.

I have gone up against 5man premades and won, so it’s not always a death sentence. Some people just get scared because of the stigma around premades. I have also been thrashed by premades but it’s not because they were premades. It was more than likely that my team didn’t have our stuff together.

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I agree I love playing with my friends and It would suck if I couldn’t but the issue remains that lots of people on say PS4 will go in to communities and say “forming pre made must be command rank 100 going to destory casual” but like you said those players get there comeupenc by not being able to even start matches. Still some people just get overly scared at the sight of an organized team regardless of CM rank. This is where the exsisting issue gose from bad to worse for all parties. Basiclly we end up with 200 or more odd playes qing then droping then forming a premade then the other guy drops then we all just stop playing :stuck_out_tongue:

The premades regardless of comp cant start a match and the others don’t want to face a team that might have the power of teamwork. When matches get started im all good and fine I love to play win or lose. My issue is having a ton of people un willing to just say “whatever” and just play the dang game.

True true.

i will play all of my games in the casual queue until there is a competitive queue with the same type of rules that are present in other games of this type, as well as the rules that are already present in all of the tournaments that take place. until then, i will rarely play in the competitive queue. i occasionally play in private 5v5 matches, but the tournament rules are present. without a controlled environment, people will just use broken gear and compositions they could never get away with in a tournament while my team is actually practicing realistic compositions.

so it is casual queue for me

This is exactly the reason. I prefer competitive mode and queue both solo and with friends but we do want to wait 30 mins for a game.

Although their greater mistake lies in the assumption that any pre-made is an organized group.
I can’t figure out, how one could make such assumptions based on the fact that your enemy is merely in a party, possibly with friends.

On the other hand, perhaps I should just take this as an incentive to play PvP. If a CR100 playing in a pre-made party is scary to people, I got a chance :laughing:

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Premades in the casual queue isn’t an issue. The issue is that “casual” is a terrible name for the queue.

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You’re just going to have to get over it. They can’t NOT let people play in a group. And I can tell you from experience that the majority of groups are only in casual because the competitive matchmaking times are obscenely long.

Yea competitive queue is so long for a team or player that has around 65+ win percentage. I can stay in queue for an hour and maybe find a team but never opponents, But as soon as I enter casual I get a match so I know it isn’t my connection. But I do have a really high win percentage last I checked I think its 67%. If I want to play with my friends, some have a higher win percentage and we will almost never find a game in the competitive queue.

I’m right there with you. Im CR 100 and i suck at PVP.

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