Premium Skin idea

I paid full price for Battleborn, and I don’t regret that despite doing so the week before the price drop. However, I feel like the implementation of cosmetic pay-for items is lacking. I theorize that skins and reskins can take valuable development time and resources, but the potential to have cosmetics that are truly noteworthy (Badass may be a better term), and worth buying can appeal to the developer/publisher bottom line AND players.

A Badass community deserves really Badass skins; and I would pay money for skins that are more than texture and color swaps on characters. What if Montana looked like a Crimson Legion or Bandit from Borderlands? What if Rath really donned flowing robes/capes and different swords versus some added textures?

Look at LoL, DotA, HotS, Warframe, and Destiny (there are others to name); they create value through unique creations beyond a visual color pallete swap or texture swap. I look at the Montana premium and it stands out with added armor, padding, and a nice visual change; do more of this and, if possible, to a greater degree. I would pay for that, I would pay to play a character I like that looks truly Badass, not a character that comes in various flavors of color.

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The problem here is that in those other games you didn’t have to worry about the other characters hitboxes at all. Here you do. So even when making changes to the character models there will only be so much they can do otherwise they will change the hitboxes too much and that character skin will now have a tactical advantage/disadvantage during gameplay because of the changes to their hitbox. That being said Gearbox is already working on skins which alter the characters model and appearance more than the recolors and retextures that we current see available in game. I wouldn’t expect them right away. If we are lucky then maybe some of them will be part of the upcoming DLC packs.

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And if we’re REALLY lucky they won’t charge us at all for something that has no effect on the game…

Overwatch and the Computer MOBAs use hitboxes. So does Warframe. My proposal doesn’t necessarilly change the hitboxes at all technically. I just want a manipulation of graphical assets to reflect the requested payment for a “premium skin.”

I see you point; but I don’t want a (for instance) Montana skin that adds wings to the character model - which I think is in the vein of your implication.

We can have skins that are truly “badass” (akin to the premium Montana one listed in example that adds considerable body armor), that don’t break the game or require work beyond what goes into skin creation.

I just don’t want want pallet swaps masquerading as skins; I think that’s in poor taste and many forums, reddits, and blogs agree. I’ll pay, I’ll happily pay, but give me something that merits the “badass” adjective so liberally thrown around.

…AND I do realize they are working on “future content” including skins, levels, DLC, whatever, but this game and this community need a shot in the arm. I read the blogpost that outlines content delivery from now until holiday 2016, but will it be quality? Will it be easily dismissed or ridiculed? And what about the long-term view for this title?

The most expensive “skins” I’ve seen came with a whole new model and textures, unique taunt, and its own set of newly recorded audio lines.

Would totally buy a Jedi Rath Skin. Two light sabers and a Jedi or Sith cloak? Yes please

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Imagine an Icy-Thorn skin, that makes her arrows becomes icy blue when fully charged, ice volleys, icy-white blights that slows (if you take the slow helix), and icy-blue like Hadouken for her ult.

10/10 would spend my money on that skin

I just went through all the skins yesterday and only Montana seems to have something beyond the subtle pallet/texture manipulation all-too-common with the remainder of the “skins.” I am simply asking for parity with OW, LoL, Warframe, etc. to 1) help infuse some cash into this title, 2) attract or reattract those put off by the critical backlash from platinum currency, and 3) get some commitment from Gearbox and 2K that this won’t be quietly ushered into holiday 2016 and then forgotten to Borderlands 3 speculation to circumvent the suspected $$$ loss from Battleborn.

Montana’s marketplace skin is just a retexture like all of the other ones. They just replaced his skin texture with that of clothing. They didn’t alter his character model at all.

Sure, and I attest it is the “best” alteration in the new hero skins, but it only serves as an example of the degree of minimal change present in other titles attempts at cosmetic skins.

I’m am, as I have said prior, looking “big picture.” If you want to discuss technicalities on skins, I’ll do so, but not in a thread devoted to recommendations on extending player investment on par with the most successful parallels in current video game existence.

What can the publisher, developer, and community do to get the greatest return on investment and prolong interest?