Premium Skins Hidden Qualities?

So, I’ve been thinking; are any of the new premium skins that have been added (Other than Mellka’s Traveler Skin) have any special qualities? I mean either sound effects, model changes, ULT alterations, etc anything at all that is added other than the appearance?

Also, can Rath’s Ice-cream skin be altered slightly to increase the speed of his Jingle when he ults? Now that his Ult was reduced in duration, the jingle is awkwardly cut off since it’s so short.

Also, should more sound effects like Rath’s Ult Jingle, S&A balloon thingy, etc be a norm for Premium Skins?

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I know Imposter changes Deande’s fans color

Wait, can it do something special or do you already own it and you’re sure it doesn’t?

Good point


I think that on Rath’s Ult the sound should start sooner and fade out at the end rather than stop suddenly. I don’t think they’re going to bother making that change though.

The Traveler skin goes technicolour with the Rock Out taunt. Is cool.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m gonna go try that I’ll be back soon

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The Mercenary and Rock Out both cause Mellka’s hair and claw to glow. Rock Out will never not be goofy, but The Mercenary is now my go-to taunt, haha.

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Also simple things like Schimwear for Marquis which gives his Houdinis bathing suits and shiz, that stuff is kinda cool. So Let’s say an Ernest Skin which changes his Power Egg, an Ambra Skin which changes her sunspots, etc would be pretty damn cool too.

So much can be done for skins that aren’t being done! Possibilities are endless.


Ha I never knew the birds got swimsuits too that’s awesome!

Ambra’s summer skin should change her sunspots into beach balls =D


Benedict’s Thunderbird skin adds rainbow trails to his wingtips when he glides.

Toby’s flame skin (I forget the name) gives him a goatee and sideburns.

Shayne’s Balloon skin changes several of her SFX to balloon sounds, appropriately enough.

Plus her Ult now plays carnival music. Actually it plays whenever Aurox leaves her, so for fetch, ult, and stealth. And sound of squeaky shoes when she runs.

I tried it and I think it’s just her hair and claw glowing, and it just happens to clash and look cool. Yay