Premium skins: hidden secrets!

So, now that the clickbaity title has gotten you here.

I would like to gather information on premium skins and any “bonus” effect they may have aside from their normal appearance alterations to the character. I’ll start with an example;

Rath’s JUST DESSERTS Skin adds an ice-cream truck jingle to his Ult.

S&A’s FUN AND GAMES has a bunch of sound effects, squeaking, balloon popping, carnival music when using Stealth Strike etc…

Marquis’ SCHWIMWEAR gives his Hoodinis little bathing suits.

Kid Ultra’s ALTER ULTRA plays some rock-music tune when he Ults.

so, what else is there? I’m more interested in what any of the newer designs bring to the table, if anything. Things like the recent Medieval Skins or the ones released this week. Feel free to include any of the older skins that you feel add something new to the character other than just appearance changes. Any Sound effects? Any changes to his/her/its skills? Any significant change to model? etc.

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Best skin ever :yum:

Noticed that Orendi´s medieval skin has jingle noises as if she´s wearing bells on her feet & hat^^

I asked about this too. It would be cool if Gearbox advertised the taunts and skins a little more, they rarely tell when new ones are being added and they in no way showcase the little extras some of them have.


Benedict’s Thunderbird skin leaves rainbow trails instead of white contrails behind his wingtips when he flies.

Toby’s flame skin (I forget the name) gives him a goatee and spiked helmet. I don’t know if you’d count that.


I was really really happy to find out about the balloon squeaks and different carnival sounds with S&A. I would definitely get more skins if we had this list filled out.

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I thought orendi’s jester skin pillars would be dif :frowning:

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Also as he teleports back to base and when he gets there.

Ultra Awesome.

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If her pillars changed to exploding confetti or went off like fireworks because of the skin I’d buy the ■■■■ out of that.


Wish list:

Ambra’s Hawaii skin: her ult changed to a giant ticky
Kleese hulau: rift changed to torch
Benedict dragon: rockets changed to fireballs
Galilea medieval: coruption changed to white angelic


Makes me wonder if any other skins change the Teleport animations in any way. I hadn’t payed attention to it as of yet.

Attikus’ Grendel skin has creaking wood SFX.


Deande’s Impostor skin gives her purple fans.

Shame her Electronic Espionage skin didn’t give her neon blue ones. :broken_heart:

Kelvin’s “Sick Flow” taunt throws up some “Saved by the Bell” style 90’s graphics that say “Yo! Kelvin!”


the blue mellka skin in combination with the rock taunt (i don’t know the names of either…) make her arm glow i think

Phoebe’s Natural Philosophy skin lights up, Blue on most taunts, pink on the blowing kiss taunt.

I swear Phoebe’s normal recolours light up too.

Kid Ultra’s first premium skin plays music while he does his ult. It’s the reveal stream music.

idk what a ticky is, but I haven’t noticed her ult changing. Im definitely going to have to use gali more then, i bougth the medival pack and galis skin is sick.



It would be so amazing to have animation-aletring skins for skills or Ultimates, but on the other hand it could be quiet confusing.

As long as they keep the main characteristics of the ult/skill I think it’s fine. Like Hanzo and his default dragons versus the wolves in the okami skin.

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