Preorder Bonus spreadsheet

Here’s a spread sheet I briefly compiled to gather bonuses. If there’s something you would like to add please message me or comment and I’ll get to it as soon as possible.


For my friends in Australia: EB games does have the physical copy for 99.99 but if you’re willing to forgo the collectible figure (and a couple days worth of wait) I would suggest going with the route. With international shipping costs $9.48 USD and the copy of the game being $59.99 USD ( $47.99 USD with amazon prime discount). Just a disclaimer, I’m not a currency conversion expert but if it helps, yay!

Dang, i preordered digitally. Guess ill be running behind when it finally launches :frowning:

Edit: I checked the PSN store, it says it will be available for play at Midnight EST. whether or not the servers (battleborn) will be online at that time is the issue.

Usually servers are up 12am EST

GameStop midnights depend on number of preorders and that’s per store. If the beta doesn’t boost popularity expect no midnight.

You are correct. While they are fun at times I’m not one to care to much for them. The only one I was super thrilled for was for Borderlands 2 where we blasted Nero outside of the store having a claptrap dance party.

Oh so Canada does not have pre-order bonus. damm…

(EDIT went to a EB games to pre-order and they said they never heard of any pre-order bonuses) This was my confirmation.

They should. Have you checked their online retailer?

There is information about pre-order bonuses and figurine but i am still worried that i might not have it.

It is comfirmed to have the First born pack and Collectible Figure in Canada. Ill just try to get here in time for figurines. Im a collect those and really looking forward to get Thorn’s figurine