Preorder Culture

Lets start with a confession. I usually never pre-order a game because now a days I usually don’t trust a game enough to buy it until it has been through some reviews. Yet in the few times I do pre-order I must admit I enjoy the little things you get added on to the game, such as costumes or weapon unlocks.

So after the beta I have fallen in love with Battleborn but I think it’s preorder content is really weak. Those skins just do not appeal to me and from the chatter I heard it does not appeal to others as well. With all these tier skin unlocks for color, different skins, and models I am just confused why their preorder content again seems lackluster.

I also just remembered those bonus figurines but when I see while supplies last and at limited dealerships I assume that I will probably never see that figure. Along with that it is a random figurine and I did not even no about this content at first makes me wonder why this is what they wanted as a bonus for pre-ordering. I mean if the supplies of these figures were based on what they expected would buy the game and the open beta made them open tons more servers to deal with the amount of players that joined well once again I don’t think I will get a figurine.

What does everyone else think and feel about this?

I get what you’re saying. Most of the time, the “bonus” content is crap. But, it kind of has to be. If a preorder bonus gave you something really good (in game), then it would be off putting for people to bother starting to play, since everyone that pre-order already has two legs up on them.

Also, I don’t really preorder for the bonuses. I preorder to show my support for something I’m excited about. It helps the company track their metrics and predictions (I assume) and to incentivize them to do more work moving forward.

Side note: It does drive me nuts when companies (I’m looking at you, GameStop) have these exclusive deals. I want the damned figurine, but also kind of hate those companies…

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I don’t care for the bonuses. I know I’m going to get the dlc, and the preorder gets me 5 missions for the price of three. This will be my first preorder, and I’m very excited for this game.

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Yeah the bonuses were really lackluster here, They don’t even look like unique skins. Just more re-colors, I just bought it early so I can download it early.


So the digital deluxe does some cool stuff like unlocks one character from the list of 25 characters right off the bat and that is awesome and would be a great preorder content to include. Or unlock like 1 skin from each tier for a character would also be really cool. In no way would these be overpowering a person who preorder the game. I guess my point is they could of given better pre-order content and what we are getting feels really half-assed to me.


You get all five characters off the bat. No unlocking necessary. Along with the 5 story missions when they come out.

You get to unlock one of any character is what he is saying. Any of your choice

Seriously? That’s awesome!

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I like what they did with pre order because you should mainly pre order a game because you want the game. I don’t like giving people who pre order and advantage, skins I think are great as long as they are just cosmetic.

The figures are ok as well since they don’t effect game play and just let that passionate person something extra.

Pre-order is not going away so I think the constructive conversation to have about it is negative vs positive pre order bonuses.


Speaking as someone who did pre order it, I would much rather it be so e stupid little thing like a gold skin and logo (don’t forget the logo,) than it be some super awesome thing that’ll eventually be a five dollar DLC.


I hope I can get my figure. I pre-ordered in a different city since I have class in said city that day, hopefully they don’t run out by the time my class is over. Probably not… I live in a pretty conservative area

There are also three legendary gear items if you get the deluxe. And golden logo and pedestal on character select. Welp.

Yea, out of all the bonuses, the pedestal (… oh, shiny …) is what had me at “Hello!” :dukestar:

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Just to make it super clear, there are different bonuses on offer depending on what combination of the game content you purchase, but only one of them is actually a “pre-order” bonus. I don’t know about all the fancy physical edition stuff, but on the digital front:

  • The bonus for pre-ordering the game is the Firstborn pack (a gold skin for Thorn, Reyna, Montana, Marquis, and Rath + a title). This is the only digital bonus exclusive to pre-purchasing.
  • The bonus for buying the Season Pass at any point is that you get the first 5 DLC packages for the price of 4 ($20 up-front instead of $5 each for 5 DLCs) and get instant access to the next 5 characters as they come out, without having to unlock them through gameplay. Buying the DLCs individually would still get you the same in-game content, it just costs more.
  • The bonus for buying the Digital Deluxe Edition (base game + season pass combined) at any point is a skin & taunt for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi, 3 legendary gear packs, a gold pedestal under your character during character select and a gold Battleborn logo on your menu screen. Price-wise, it also essentially chops another $5 off the Season Pass compared to buying the base game + season pass separately.

So, buying the game pre-release vs post-release only gets you a tiny bonus of those gold skins + title. Deluxe Edition has a lot of benefits going for it, but you could buy that 3 months down the road and still get all the bonuses except the Firstborn stuff.

Personally, I much prefer it this way. I don’t like it when a game offers a ton of exclusive pre-order content to bribe people into making blind purchases. I’ll be picking up Deluxe Edition before release anyway ('cause after pouring 40 hours into the beta my purchase is far from blind) but I really like that I can convince people to come play the game after release and not have to explain that they’re getting an inferior version of the game or a much more expensive one just because they waited a month to see how the reviews turn out.

They’ll still have to settle for gazing covetously upon my shiny gold Montana, but that’s the extent of it, and I dig that. :slight_smile:


Cosmetics bonus for pre order are fine ImO. When it’s doing stuff like offering you a full fledged 8E DLC if you preorder (Like a certain game cvoming out in May as well) I’m not really agreeing any more (btw I’m not against that famous DLC itself, because I understood really well why it’s here and why it’s not free, just the fact that it’s basically pushing you to pre order to have it for free).

I wouldn’t be against a bit more cosmetics than just gold version of 5 characters ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), but cosmetics, yes. Should remain as only cosmetics bonus.

Where does it say that anywhere? Would be nice to not have to wade through 40 levels for Ghalt again lol

To me, as someone who has worked in game retail, it is incumbent on the developer/publisher to make the preorder attractive to the consumer. For @salsacookies1, they see the preorder as a good value, knowing they intend to get the DLC anyway (and I agree). Someone else might prefer the figurine or the legendary gear packs from digital deluxe. So, I think they have done a decent job. The thing that some are clamoring for that seems to be missing is a way to get an upgrade including the bonuses from digital deluxe for those that want to purchase a physical copy.

To the best of my knowledge this is only for PS4 players that participated in the beta and also purchase the season pass (which is included in the digital deluxe) but not part of the digital deluxe itself. Source. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am hoping for such a shift key giveaway, hence why I started this thread

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The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the game and season pass, along with skins/taunts for Caldarius, Phoebe, Orendi, Miko and Oscar Mike; a golden title screen and character select pedestal and three Legendary loot packs.

PS4 users gain free access to the first of five DLC packs, all of which will include skins/taunts and a Story Operation (and possibly more gear/loot; don’t quote me on that). The first of 5 free (FREE) characters, the Eldrid Alani, will also be unlocked instantly for PS4 beta players instead of having to complete the challenge. Season pass holders will automatically gain access to the five free (FREE) characters as they become available

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I’m wondering, does the game install when you preorder? Or does it install after?

On PS4, auto-installation is available for pre-orders as of May 1, 2016 (file size: 15,6 gb)
(and you get a countdown window ticking away the moment you confirm purchase :dukejk: )