Preorder ends day?

How long preorder will last? should I hurry to buy BL3 now or I can wait more for news about steam and not worry that preorder ends soon?

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Unless I’m mistaken pre-orders often run right up to the game release day. You could go and buy it the day before it releases and still qualify for the pre-order (at least on online storefronts, brick and mortar shops might have a cut off to place their order for how many copies they need on launch day)


We’ll definitely look in to this for you, but you certainly do not need to hurry.

I could nearly guarantee that you have at least months to preorder and still receive many of the preorder benefits.

The only real question would be the one that @Tokesy97 rightfully brought up, which is the cutoff day for preoders when dealing with physical copies of the game.

Let us look in to this for you.


Ok, I understand now. Thank you

The only pre-order bonuses I can think of that weren’t available up till launch were things like early access bonuses that required participating and playing the game in the early access period. Which doesn’t happen very often.

this is something i was really scared and stressed out about as well. i really want to make sure i get my monies worth.

lots of negative stuff has been happening around the game lately and other games this year just not living up to expectation of consumers. i might want to wait and see gameplay and reviews for weeks after release before i take the plunge to buy.

With this game atm I’m not too worried about the game itself. Most of the negativity has been due to the EGS timed exclusive decision and by things specifically involving Randy.

But even if they will not afford preorder on steem most people buy BL3 in epic i think. Cuz there r a lot of good stuf for preordering so no one wants to waste it…