Preorder Super Deluxe Edition: Broken Season Pass

Hi there,

I’ve seen this discussed way back in October but nothing specifically since DLC1 landed on the 12th.

Having purchased the preorder super deluxe edition I would have expected to be able to play DLC1 as soon as it landed, however the game does not recognise that I have the season pass.

Checking in My Games and Apps fails to show the Season Pass addon visual but does display the Butt Stallion pack.

Visiting the Season Pass via the XBox Store shows that it is purchased and installed.

Deleting Butt Stallion and revisiting the XBox Store page allows installation of the Season Pass.

Despite this, the Season Pass does not show up by itself in My Games and App nor does the game recognise that the season pass is installed.

No doubt there is some glitch in the interface between Gearbox addons and the MS Store which is causing this problem and I’m not the only one who is suffering it.

I don’t have the time to spend hours on live chat with Microsoft on an issue that they can’t likely fix and would hope to have seen something from GearBox about this given the prior complaints about this issue. A season pass should just work, as it has in all other iterations of Borderlands.

If you’ve suffered a similar fate, please tack on your experience here and hopefully it will push GearBox to rectify whatever the problem is. We’ve shown a lot of faith preordering the Super Deluxe Edition and while the game has been quite buggy to date this Season Pass problem is a bit more serious, having paid for something and not received it while being left out of the loop when DLC1 dropped.


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It’s not available yet. DLC will be active Dec 19th.

Fair point, however when checking the new mission marker for DLC1 in Sanctuary it says I must “Purchase Content” rather than “Yes you have it but we haven’t actually kicked it off yet”.

I will hold my skags until the 19th and update this post accordingly.


DLC has not launched yet - it should land Dec. 19th. The poster on Sanctuary with the mission marker is just promo at this point - ignore the purchase suggestion.

I purchased the super deluxe edition but the game is asking me to purchase the season pass again?

Double-check on the XBox Store:

  • Games & Apps > BL3 > Manage > View in Store
  • In store page for BL3, tab over to Related and highlight the season pass

What does that say? (There won’t be a download file for the season pass showing on your console, so this is the only way to check.)

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On PS4 when I click go to store, season pass is marked as purchased, but new DLC is not there. On Dec 19 it will work as always, so don’t worry.

Hi Folks,

No surprise here… Today is the 19th, content downloaded, hotfixes applied, and the poster outside Moxxi’s still wants me to Exit or Purchase Content.

The Preorder Super Deluxe Season Pass is broken.

For sure.

To VaultHunter101:

From Games & Apps -> It says Owned.

**Doublechecking I see that there is an option to Install again. Hitting this starts the download of the season pass at 6.06GB. It seems a fix has been applied but it requires a redownload of the game.

Hmm. I’ll tell you if this works.

Its February now and it’s still doing the same thing even with the so called “hotfixes” I’ve still yet to be able to play the dlc its really bumming me out as borderlands is my favorite franchise I’d happily shell out any amount they ask for to play it all and I did and still cant

By this point, the hotfix enabling the DLC should be rolled into a permanent update, so that should not be an issue. Just to check in the store, under BL3 > Overview -> Add-ons you should have:

  • Moxxi’s Heist - owned or installed
  • BL3 Season Pass - owned
  • cosmetic items - installed

And under ‘Games & Apps > Manage BL3 > Installed’ you should have:

  • Game at v. (45.8 GB)
  • The Butt Stallion, Cosmetics, and Toy Box extras (10 MB each)
  • Moxxi’s Heist (6 GB)

Which of those are you seeing?