Preordered Super Deluxe AND Diamond - Questions abound

I’ve been told by GameStop to reach out to gearbox, so I’m trying through the forums first just for ease.

I preordered the Super Deluxe Edition through the Epic Store as soon as I saw it become available, athe CE’s apparently went out of stock within two hours. As soon as more CE’s were available, my partner purchased one for me and the ship date says 10/31 on it.

So, a few questions…
I was going to use the Super Deluxe on my Epic account, and let my partner use the code that came in the Diamond thinger to play with me… howeeeeeever… I realized that 10/31 is not 9/13.

GameStop said it’s most likely an estimate and that y’all would likely try to get them all out for release, how likely is this?

Should I refund the Super Deluxe on Epic so I can use the Diamond on my own account and just have him purchase a Super Deluxe if that is what he wants? I noticed there’s a place on the redeem area of the VIP site to redeem a Diamond code, and I’m wondering if he redeems it as a game for himself, if it’d be connected to his shift, therefore not allowing me to redeem it on the site as mine since I’d have the actual physical looty loots. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t much special ingame CE content.

Thanks so much for any answers,


Looking for the same info, got in on the second wave of loot chest before they added the release date in the title. Id rather not wait till October to play. Also have you already gotten a diamond code? i scaned my email and nothing.

They’re probably, and this is guesswork on my part too, setting the estimate late to prevent a swarm of people going, on launch, “I was told this would be in today, why isn’t it here already” and then the inevitable swarm of complaints that come in claiming they’ve been lied to and various complaints about “bad marketing” and the effect on PR.

Imagine me and you, and you and me, getting a response so I would know, what to do with the pre-orders, so I could be happppyyyyyyyyyyyyy