Preordered the Wrong Edition


I wasn’t sure where to put this question so I am putting it here. When I went to preorder BL3 I had thought I preordered the Super Deluxe edition. Apparently I only purchased the regular $60 one. Today I purchased the season pass after realizing I purchased the wrong edition and don’t really care about spending the extra $10. I was hoping there was a way to receive the bonus items from the super deluxe edition. Any help is appreciated! This was for the PS4 and Sony doesn’t do refunds to purchase the correct edition so I am hoping someone here can help! If you need any more information I’d be happy to supply it!

Ugh. Same here. :-/

How exactly do you buy the wrong edition you spent $60 versus 90 how do you not know you’re paying 60 instead of 90 ? And the DLC is 50 bucks . Good luck .