Preorders On Steam?

If bl3 will have been out for 6 months after the epic release, will there be pre-orders for steam or maybe a reduced “launch” price?

No information on that at the moment. Hopefully there should be announcements down the road about such things.

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Whoops, thanks for the heads up on the email. Hopefully gearbox will make some sort of announcement.

the online version of your fly is down.


I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, like anyone else.

But I will simply refuse to buy it if there’s only an Epic Store release. Because it’s clear Gearbox doesn’t do it for the gamer anymore either.
Congratulations on joining the big corporations. Just make sure to release a half assed game with a heap of bugs that will take months to iron out. Then you’ll be at their level too.
Just like with Duke Nukem, remember that? :slight_smile:

Edit: Publisher’s fault or not. This ■■■■ is starting to piss me off something good. Cuz it just goes to show that Gamers are coming in 2nd or 3rd nowadays. If we’re lucky.


There will be a Steam release, but it’s an Epic exclusive for 6 months on PC. And this was apparently a decision by the publisher (2K/Take Two).


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It was indeed the publisher’s fault, they have all distribution rights,

In response to the OP, im unsure if its going to have it at a reduced price, but hopefully its even just slightly reduced since all of you have to wait so long.

Do we actually know if we can use the local save files from Epic on the Steam Version?

I have a feeling that there will be a “Game of the Year” version of the game with all the DLC and the release of that will coincide with the Steam release. There are four campaign DLCs as part of the Season Pass, which are scheduled to be released in entirety by September 2020. So in six months (from release, so February 2020) there will already be two DLC available, and a short wait for the next two if they release one each quarter. Just a theory.

Is Borderlands 3 available on Steam? No? Ok tell me when it is available then.

See the post above - Steam availability 6 months after launch.


Ok. Will it be available at launch on Steam?

As I said, it will be available on Steam 6 months after the game launches everywhere else (Epic for PC, XBox, PS.) So 6 months after Sept. 13th 2019.

I don’t understand. How is it a launch if it is not available on Steam?

Because Epic persuaded 2K (the publishers of the Borderlands franchise) to sign a deal where they would have exclusive distribution rights for BL3 for the first six months. This effectively shut Steam out of the launch.

There’s a mammoth thread about this already - let’s just say that it’s an extremely unpopular decision with fans who play on PC.

If you want the game at launch, you’ll either have to get it through the Epic Games Store and use their launcher instead of Steam, or purchase it on console instead. If you only want the game through Steam, you’ll unfortunately have to wait (unless all the bad publicity triggers a miracle change of contract somehow.)

Thank you. I will not buy it on Epic, I will wait for Steam.

I hate Epic but I love the series, so I decided to play it first then switch to Steam once it’s out. Do you know if I buy BL3 both on Epic and Steam, will I keep my progress?
Thank you!

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At this point it’s not clear - there’s a lot of unanswered questions around how the whole Epic-Steam situation will work. I can only hope we’ll get some answers over the next couple of months.

i was wondering if we would be able to still play together with friends who want to wait for the borderlands on steam and i would have bought it in the epic store?