Preparation Silence

Anyone having issues with this not working? Sometimes I feel like it’s not…just wondering :slight_smile:.

I haven’t had any issues with it, but it’s a very finicky ability simply due to the way it works for Phoebe. You need to A: hit your target with blade rush B: land the last hit of the melee combo and C: hope your target hasn’t already used all of their abilities. C is the big issue as most abilities get fired off before Phoebe gets within melee range, much less has landed both blade rush and a combo. Honestly I feel like it could use a 5 or 6 second duration… Perhaps a tad strong but silence is underwhelming in my opinion. The only time I can genuinely tell that it helped is against cloakers like Oscar Mike and Shane&A.

I confess I hardly ever take it compared to a movement speed boost that is useful both when fleeing is the only option, or to press ennemies.
That silence just has too many conditions to be really relevant… It’s still a silence and silence is strong, but once every bladerush cooldown is just too weak IMHO.

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I honestly don’t get why you have to hit your last melee strike for the silence to work. I mean, there are characters that have stuns which are even easier to hit. (Hello Miko, Gally and Kelvin.) And stuns are more usefull than silences IMO.
I used to always take the silence but since it’s freaking hard to make it work, I never take it anymore.

Agreed. The silence needs work. Perhaps after landing a true strike, or a combo with phasgate. An increase in duration could help.

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